8 Questions You’ll Ask Yourself About Graduate School


1. What about the cost?

Most of us are already loaded in debt, so the idea of adding more to your tab hardly seems appealing. In this case, you avoid dessert­ if you can even call it that­ calories. Cost is undoubtedly the college ­food equivalent to calories; and we all get fat one way or another, unless you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones that has parents who have made your bill thin. Darn you.

2. Will it really pay off?

You wonder what it is you’re really spending your money on, of course, everything’s what you make it, but what makes it right? Hm.

3. What about what I just did? (A.K.A. My undergrad.)

You contemplate if undergraduate school was enough: you were involved in extra curricular activities, volunteered, and did pretty darn well in classes — but you wonder if you’ll be able to find jobs regardless. What is it that will make your resume stand out? Is it per individual or per place of employment that gives you a one­up by comparison? What will the determining factor of getting a job be for you? Oh, the risks and uncertainty!

4. Do I need it?

You wonder if all attractive jobs require you to go to graduate school and ask yourself how far-reaching you should be. ‘If I want to be this, then this’… How long can you play the if then game?

5. What about my family?

When your family starts expressing their opinions about cost, location and relevancy, you begin to question everything even more­ starting with yourself and ending with the 2 point quiz you just slaughtered, because you’re that distracted from your undergraduate degree that you’re still finishing, because of the looming shadow of graduate school.

6. What about my friends?

When your friends are not middle­ground; they’re either for certainly on their way to graduate school or are for seriously ready to open up a coffee shop, you question things even more, a lot more, a whole lot of sugar and spice and everything not­so­nice more. Then, you start using some serious Facebook­frequent acronyms in too many face­to­face settings to describe your feels about all the feels you’ve been feeling lately.

#DontEvenMakeMeStartAboutYourHashtagUsage #Shoosh

7. What about food?

You begin to get a bit ridiculous, possibly, maybe even a bundle ridiculous, because you are seriously considering how your nutrition will either decline because of the cost of tuition and living. Will I be reduced to the sodium in my Ramen noodles­ will I end up living in a box that those Ramen noodles come in, you wonder?

But, what it all comes down to is…

8. Should I or shouldn’t I?

Because despite the rest of your questions, at the end of the day a decision like this is all about you. It’s your life­, you decide. Take a breath­, you’ll get there.