8 Quotes That Prove Adam Is The Best Character On HBO’s Girls


Adam Sackler is probably the most controversial and talked about character on HBO’s Girls. He’s known to say his fair share of creepy one-lines that would (and probably should) scare away your average gal. However, his unsettling quips often overshadow some of his more romantic lines, which reveal a man in touch with his emotions and the needs of women.

When you love someone, you don’t have to be nice to them all the time.

Adam practices that “Real World” love. I’m not referring to the real world as in the universe; I mean the trashy MTV show known for saying, “when people stop being polite … and start getting real.” Adam knows and accepts things aren’t always going to be perfect and is prepared to take Hannah at her worst, and at her best.

Don’t waste time on guilt, Hannah. Holding on to toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing.

Few things are sexier than boys who care about their girlfriend growing and changing for the better in ways that ultimately benefit her. However, a boy who actively expresses it by saying and doing things we don’t want to hear or see to help us get there is a whole new kind of romance. It shows they want to make an investment and be a part of our transformation. It’s the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make for another person. It signals they have our true interest at heart.

You should never be anyone’s slave… except mine.

For all the misogynistic undertones here, this is also completely hot. Don’t deny it. The principle at hand is making your girlfriend feel desired and wanted by you and that you want nobody besides her. Feeling wanted is a woman’s biggest turn on. And a little dirty talk in the bedroom never hurt either.

I’d rather you be fat and healthy.

At least, this preference should go without saying. Marry me already, Adam.

I was always here.

This is the Generation-Y version of a line reminiscent of Mr. Darcy, Noah Calhoun, and Jack Dawson. Girl meets boy. Boy has sex with girl for months and months without making any real commitment. Girl abandons boy. Boy comes back groveling. They get together. They break up. Girl pretends like she moved on but actually didn’t. Girl goes through quarter-life crisis. Boy is there to save girl at the end of the day. It’s the perfect line to end a modern day love story, or at least, is exactly what your best friend is going through right now.

You destroyed my heart … thanks.

It’s a narrowly accepted fact that men actually take heartbreak worse than women. How is this possible? I like to think it’s because women are wiser, or at least taught from an early age that they will at some point get their heart broken so they have developed socially acceptable behaviors of dealing with it. Most men, however, sit there with that hurt and pain inside of them with no outlet, other than masturbation and video games (this is speculation but bear with me here). When a man admits a woman hurt him, it shows how in touch he is with his own emotions and can express them maturely.

My desire for you cannot be repressed. And to quit my pursuit would be to shirk self-respect and abandon my own manhood, and that’s not going to happen.

While this could be a prime example of Hannah’s articulate description, “I know I always said he was murdery in a sexy way, but maybe he’s murdery in a murder way,” sometimes women liked to be chased. Hell, doesn’t everyone like to be chased? Not to mention, Adam somehow phrases his chase in such a way that comes off as masculine instead of pathetic and desperate.

Hannah, stop. You’re the best thing in my life. I don’t know how to behave without you. I’d die if you go away.

Needy? Definitely. But isn’t this all we want to hear from the loves of our life? Maybe our needy is just his honest. And maybe we should just be that much more honest with each other, and with ourselves.

image – HBO’s Girls