8 Reasons Being Awkward Is The New Sexy


Recently, I was out with a group of friends, dancing our lil hearts out and pretending we aren’t all very, very lost 20-somethings trying to FIND OUR WAY IN LIFE. A group of guys approached us, like I-CAN’T-BREATHE-YOU-ARE-SO-CUTE looking guys. I started sharing facts about Great White sharks because, you know, that’s a thing?

But my friends are smooth as hell. It’s insane, and I was always a little envious. How do they know when to stop talking? Meanwhile, I’m over here like, “Oh you want my number? Cool, cool, coooool, anyways hammerhead sharks are really interesting, don’t you think?” But you know what? I’M EMBRACING IT, and if you’re an awkward babe, you should to. HERE’S WHY!


1. You’re approachable

Sexiness, while totally awesome and more power to ya for it, is kind of intimidating. I’d be terrified to go up to Beyoncé, but Zooey Deschanel? Yeah, I just know we could kick it on my couch and do weird impressions together.

2. You’re real

Adorkable is such a thing now that it’s in the dictionary (okay, I don’t really know, but maybe?). We’re so often afraid of being real with one another and show our *truuu selves* but guess what? People usually dig it. It’s reassuring to know what you see is EXACTLY what you get.

3. Your dance moves are better

And by better, I mean objectively waaay worse. But when you are breaking it down on the dance floor with some weird version of the robot, at least you’re bringing some serious entertainment. HEY, YOU BRING JOY!!!???!

4. You’re the character we root for in movies, television, etc

You’re basically an entire genre of pop culture. And 9/10 times, everyone is on your side. Not sure Michael Cera would even have a career if this wasn’t the case.

5. You make everyone else look cooler

Oh, you want me to wing-woman you because it’ll inevitably make you look WAY cooler when I stand there and talk about how much I miss playing The Sims for 15 minutes? Word. I’m there.

6. You can break tension

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been in the middle of some seriously uncomfortable fights or moments between people and I say something (that in my head isn’t awkward) and everyone is like, “HUH?” Strange giggling follows and then everyone forgets about the argument. PUURFECT *EVIL LAUGHTER*

7. You have endless material for something humorous

If you’re ever on a talk show for some reason and they ask about a seriously embarrassing moment, you will have your DAMN PICK. Humor is the best defense, so you know you can laugh your way through anything. And babe, you’re going to have to do it…a lot.

8. You’re you

And that’s sexy enough. AWKWARD CHARM ON FLEEK (omg)