8 Reasons Glenn Is THE BEST Character On ‘The Walking Dead’


Glenn is most definitely NOT dead, contrary to the hysteria rampant on the inter-webs after this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead (10/25). Clearly Nicholas fell on top of Glenn making it appear that Glenn was getting eaten. Not to say that Glenn won’t die soon or eventually (I will keep this article in reference to the show and NOT the comics), but as of right now my firm belief is that Glenn is alive. I admit openly that I yelled aloud upon watching the gruesome scene that made me believe Glenn was in fact getting eaten alive. I was irrationally upset. I cried actual tears. It made me think back to last season when my ex and I would literally grip the arms of our chairs and yell in protest when it looked like Glenn was about to bite it. You don’t know what you got till it’s seemingly gone, and all of this false death clouding makes me want to tell the world (and Steven Yeun, thanks for being such a phenomenal actor) why Glenn is easily TWD’s best character.

  1. Glenn is the definition of selfless. Glenn is selfless to the point that he actually does not consider himself in any given situation. He simply acts. It is not until they are on the farm and Maggie, not yet his wife, gets angry at him for constantly allowing himself to be put in danger for others. The world of TWD is one big game to Glenn, but because of his quick thinking, dexterity, and ability to distance himself from the grave reality of most situations, he comes out on top (and alive). For the better part of seasons 1-3, Glenn is flitting and fearless. It is not until Maggie that he seems to start taking the world as seriously as it demands to be considered… what with walkers and all.
  2. Glenn is a true lover. Maggie and Glenn’s relationship is one of my favorites of all time. Their love is based on nothing but who they are as individuals, and Hershel’s blessing cements it in a strange, other-worldly time and space. Glenn’s connection to Hershel through the pocket-watch symbolizes the importance of his fatherly blessing and Hershel’s belief that Glenn is the one who can truly protect Maggie.
  3. Glenn is a timeless hero. He is brave, honest, forgiving, and loves from an incorruptible place. If there is a knight in shining armor in TWD, it’s Glenn… even if that armor is black riot gear. Glenn never stops searching for Maggie, nor she for him. Glenn loves people, protects them at any cost, and his compassion is what sets him apart from Rick or Daryl.
  4. Glenn is the “body” of the group. Glenn constantly seeks to sacrifice himself, putting his body in mortal peril. He acts when others stay still. He is in perpetual motion, which is indicative of his past life as a delivery driver. He brings the goods.
  5. Glenn is often the voice of the group. While Rick is the governing voice, Glenn is the softening, rational voice that supports Rick. Glenn brings humanity to the group when Rick is too cold or too harsh. In situations where there is dissent, Glenn is almost always the one capable of voicing concerns and making sure the other opinion is heard. Glenn speaks for those who cannot or will not. He prefers speaking to settle conflict rather than physical altercations. He is, in many ways, a pacifist.
  6. Glenn, being a timeless hero, does not allow any situation to affect his sense of morality. Though Nicholas tries to shoot/kill him, Glenn still acts according to his moral compass and beliefs. He is not reactive or punitive, and he does not change his beliefs to suit circumstance, which one might say Rick is guilty of. Though Glenn is obviously a much different type of leader, and one might argue that he would not survive nor would the group without Rick’s ruthlessness, it is still important that Glenn maintains his humanity. Glenn is still a raw, emotional human, but the emotions he gives in to are those of love. He does not submit to hate or revenge.
  7. Glenn is not defined by his past. Aside from Daryl, Glenn is the one character who proves that modern occupations and stereotypes do not define us as human beings. “And I’m supposed to be delivering pizzas, man,” he gently responds to an Alexandrian in episode 2 of season 6. Just like Daryl defies all expectations of his former incarnation, Glenn’s character, fortitude, and morality are certainly not what we expect from a pizza delivery driver. He is the soul of TWD family, and who he is cannot be contained or limited to his former occupation.
  8. Glenn is resourceful. Glenn truly sees the world and knows how to best navigate it. Time and again, Glenn proves that employing simple logic and staying the course yields the best results. He almost always remains level-headed when other characters panic, and yet he never places himself before anyone else. He trusts himself and his abilities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BC_2qTvJf8&w=560&h=315]

I love you, Glenn. I hope my tears were for nothing and that you sacrificed someone else for once (being that he’s already dead and all) and rolled under that dumpster. Cross your fingers and pray to the Kirkman/AMC gods that we will see Glenn’s smiling, handsome face again – alive and well. The world needs Glenn!