8 Reasons To Be Merry this Christmas (Even If You Are Single)


Instead of moping around and making the holidays of the people surrounding you miserable, why don’t you make a hundred eighty degree shift and make this season the merriest you can have. Here are a few things to remind you that you can still have a merry Christmas and a happy new year:

1. Family will always be family

Whether you are a thousand miles away from your family or still living with them, spend some time with your parents, siblings, cousins, nephews, aunts, etc. A simple get together or a catching up phone call could perk up that pretty smile. Reminisce about good childhood memories, talk about your future plans. Just keep it light and enjoy the moment!

2. Friends that stick with you through thick and thin

Remember the time you kept on rambling about your heartaches and problems until your best friends feel like their ears would fall off anytime but they still listen to you? Have fun with your friends and let them know you appreciate your friendship. Go out, enjoy and forget all your worries! Your real friends will still be there to hear you out anytime even when the parties are over.

3. Christmas parties everywhere

Since it’s December already, parties will pop out like mushrooms. Believe me when I say you could have some schedule conflicts with parties being held on the same day. Go to those parties, party hop if needed. Meet new people. Who knows, you might meet something interesting there.

4. Holiday food is just excellent

The best of the best is always served this time of the year. Indulge yourself in the best delicacies and dishes that will be prepared. Stop fixating on your diet, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little taste of this and that. After all, you can still have that killing workout after the holidays.

5. Holiday Sale!!!

No explanation needed. Who can resist shopping? Shop for fab things at a special price with the merry music of the holidays.

6. You are in control of yourself

Finally, you only have to think of yourself! You can now do the things you never thought of doing because your ex doesn’t like it. Go bungee-jumping or sky-diving. Or if you are not into extreme sports, maybe it’s time for you to plan your future according to what YOU want. Take that culinary class you like or enroll in a sport you’ve always been interested in but have never tried.

7. Beautiful Decor

Don’t you just love everything during this time of the year? Malls are decked with mesmerizing trees and holly. City sidewalks are lit with hundreds of lights. Everything else seems like they are shining plus the holiday music buzzing takes you on a high.

8. The true meaning of Christmas

Let’s not forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Celebrate the birth of Jesus and give thanks for all the blessings you have received this year.

With all of these things, I’m sure you will be able to forget your misery. I’m not saying you will totally forget all those sad memories but at least you now have more things to smile about. Remember, if you think you can be happy, you will be happy!

Happy holidays!