8 Reasons To See Third Eye Blind Live This Summer


1. Stephan Jenkins’ lyrics are pure brilliance.

If you haven’t read “13 Soul-Shattering Third Eye Blind Lyrics,” do so at your leisure, but also witness their new single, “Everything is Easy” with lyrical morsels like this one:

“Then you speak to me and everything is easy like I got what I wanted// Now I’m just haunted by you constantly and everything is easy till she leaves you alone, and then you’re soaked to the bone…”

Incredibly raw poetry from the musical tapestry-weaver himself. It’s no surprise that Jenkins’ background is in literature, as his poignant word feasts are what keep so many faithful fans starving for more over the years. I have listened to the new single some six dozen times, eagerly lapping it up after six years with only Ursa Major to quench the thirst for 3EB.

2. Stephan performs barefoot on Persian rugs.

You cannot get more artsy or indie than that. Splinters be damned!

3. He also performs like a goddamn wildman, sometimes with a top hat, always with the energy of a hurricane, dust-devil, and hail through the sunshine.

(Yes, I did count those separately, as they are equally worthy of notice and praise.)

4. Brad Hargreaves is a force.

The original 3EB drummer, this man has the spirit of an old rocker but the energy of the young and wild. He is quiet but fierce, and together, he and Jenkins are incredible proof that the glorious 3EB survives.

5. Their new album “Dopamine” drops 06/16/15, and they are going to be playing tracks off of it all summer – not to be missed.

6. They are touring with Dashboard Confessional, which is fantastic if not only for being able to hear “Vindicated” live, for those of you Sam Raimi Spiderman fans.

Long live the 90s, bitchin’ always.

7. Third Eye Blind music IS summer, the season, embodied.

Untamed, hungry, hot, resonating, and ready to become something never to be forgotten. Witness how many 3EB lyrics embrace the SUMMER of life.

“Summer-time and the wind is blowing outside…” – Motorcycle Drive-by

“Macramé queens in the afternoon// I’m in tune or did I speak too soon// Punch-drunk off of somebody’s joke, what happened to the time?” – Crystal Baller

“I’m just someone in a summer town// Standing by the old beach house where we stood outside and sang out loud// Now I shiver like a ghost I remember the time that we drew a crowd and// I told you everything I knew in one manic rushing line…” — Summer Town

“A thousand Julys// I hope you’ll find, I’d give you the words, but no words come to mind// But you turn me so cold, so I tell you lies// When you let me in, it’s like a thousand Julys…” — 1000 Julys

“I believe in the sand beneath my toes, the beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling// I believe in the faith that grows// and the four right chords can make me cry…” — Semi Charmed Life

8. Third Eye Blind fans are a bunch of misfit freaks, there’s no group of people better to spend a summer night with, dancing and yelling out lyrics into the constellations.

Life is the banding together of souls, the music, you and me. See you there!