8 Reasons Why People With Anxiety Are The Only Ones Worth Dating


Anxiety can be a real bitch – that’s just the cold hard truth. Between the irrational, fears, the panic attacks, and the overwhelming feeling of being on the wrong end of a caffeine buzz at the worst times, living with anxiety is very often zero fun. But like everything else in life, anxiety will shape and mold you into a truly one of a kind human being. And if you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah, so what are the warning signs that should be attached to me prior to someone deciding to meet me for drinks?” you’d be thinking wrong. I think your anxiety makes you AWESOME. And not only awesome but, in turn, simply the most ideal, most dateable candidate.

1. You don’t make things a guessing game.
 So the pacing, finger tapping, and infuriating need-to-know-what-time-it-is may help at giving it away, but what you’re thinking is plain as day 99.9% of the time. Honestly though? In oh-so-cool-as-a-cucumber-casual 2015, that’s kind of a breath of fresh air. The fact that the other person can visibly tell that you are excited/nervous to see them is charming as hell. And because you are all about taking care of yourself and won’t force yourself to stay in situations that are making you uncomfortable (Right? Right.) it makes being there for you all the easier. There’s none of that, “Yeah, I’m fine” bullshit. Everything is out on the table and it’s fantastic.

2. You’re prepared for the worst and, therefore, anything and everything. 
Normal people might call you “paranoid”, or “a doomsday jinx-er”. But those people are the same ones who will be clawing at your JICOA2E2 (Just In Case Of Any And Every Emergency) pack the second that fault line near Seattle breaks and you’re sinking down fast! All joking aside, you have totally prepped for anything that could cross your path because of having to always be on the ready for yourself. And that may seem kooky, but really makes you the best companion. 

3. You know how to really be there for someone. 
After heaving and sobbing and completely snotting someone’s sleeve up over something as seemingly simple as having to drive on the freeway, you have learned how to be (and unfortunately, how to not to be) a rock. Yes, a rock that may be prone to labored breathing in crowds, but a rock nonetheless. You know that at the end of the day, it’s all about BEING there. It’s not necessarily about what you say, or about having Oprah level advice to give, it’s about being where you are needed; no questions asked. And that is a place you are always prepared to be. 

4. It’s hard to freak you out. 
Sure. You may get palpitations at the idea of a stranger bringing a plus one to your birthday, the sound of a crying baby, or even just a phone convo with your manager. But grand scheme of things? You’ve seen and DONE crazier than anything anyone can ever throw at you. So (To a certain extent. I really don’t want to be getting behind the wheel for anyone unless absolutely necessary) bring it on. You’ve definitely been weirder – probably even today.

5. You are hyperaware of absolutely everything going on around you. 
No one can ever accuse you of being oblivious. You know what your significant other is up to, what their conversation with their friends is centering around, what the couple is bickering about at the next table over, how your waitress feels about the whole ordeal. You’re in it; you’ve got it. It makes you an excellent judge of the overall situation and, also, kind of an amazing source if anyone ever needs some t to spill. 

6. You wear your heart on your sleeve. 
Let’s face it. You’ve spent so long trying to dampen, lessen, crush, and condense your emotions… and for what? To eventually end up a panicky, sweaty, hot mess outside of a crowded bar because you tried to “contain” it? No. Not anymore. Now you say what you want, what you mean. You don’t try to hide anything. Not the bad parts, and certainly not the good parts. Your feelings are nothing to be ashamed of – take it or leave it. 

7. Your empathy tolerance in incredibly high. 
Like I said before, once your stress cries end up on someone’s shoulder, it makes it pretty easy to tolerate things. You just get it. It doesn’t matter if someone is being irrational or if their pain just doesn’t make sense. You know that ultimately at the end of the day, what matters is that it makes sense to THEM. That in that moment, that pain is theirs. And you will do whatever you can to be there for them and help lessen it as much you can. 

8. Through thick and thin, you aren’t going anywhere. 
Living with anxiety is a real bitch. Essentially you have to learn how to live with two sides of yourself and, eventually, find a way to have those sides coexisting harmoniously. If you can tolerate and deal with every weird, neurotic, shaky, unreasonable, jumpy part of your own self, you can deal with someone else’s. And be equally as accepting and unapologetically loving about it.