8 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex With Your Best Friend


1. There’s no performance pressure.

Porn and Hollywood have led us to view sex as a performance. The truth is, sex is not an exam or a competition. You should never feel that you have to perform up to someone else’s expectations. Just enjoy yourself.

2. There’s no pressure to look great.

Tall or short. Hot or not. Your best friend has presumably been there for you through thick and thin. Best friends are best friends because of shared memories and experiences, not because of the way you look.

3. You can be frank about trying out new positions.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex in the 96 position but are too afraid to ask? Well, with your best friend, being weird and crazy is just another regular day.

4. You don’t have to feel bad about being selfish.

Go ahead and ask for what you want. Be upfront about how you want it and where you want it. You don’t have to bother with giving and taking. Just take.

5. You can continue talking about your favorite topics.

Sex does not have to be all about moaning and groaning. Go ahead and talk about the latest book you read or movie you just watched. Maybe even sing along to what’s playing on the radio.

6. It’s convenient.

Why does getting sex have to be any more complicated than ordering pizza? You’ve already got your best friend on speed dial; call up and get straight to the point. Your place or mine?

7. You get a performance review.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a performance review. Don’t be afraid to get one, either. Your best friend is someone who can offer you frank and constructive advice. Use this to improve yourself. No one is ever perfect.

8. You can be yourself.

You’re not in a relationship; you’re just a friend. You don’t have to impress anyone here. Drop the act, along with your clothes, and turn up the heat!