8 Reasons You Should Feel Confident Saying ‘No’


Saying ‘yes’ makes you fun right? No one ever wants to be the party pooper that soils the plans. If you say ‘no’ you might let someone down… or ruin the day… or hurt someone’s feelings. However, despite all of this, ALWAYS allow yourself to say ‘no.’ Saying ‘no’ should empower you. You should be fueled by the force of the ‘no’ and allow yourself to actually use this powerful little word. Saying ‘no’ should make you feel confident and sure of yourself, here are the reasons why:

1. You Control Your Body

Forever and always you are in control of your body. Other people are not allowed to take ownership of you. Say ‘no’ if you don’t want to kiss someone, sleep with someone, or touch someone. The word ‘no’ is right there for you and you should always feel confident using it.


2. Your Gut Is Trustworthy

If you feel in your heart that something isn’t right, then follow that feeling. Your gut usually doesn’t lead you astray. When you hear a resounding ‘no’ in your head, start to explore why you had this thought. Work on gaining the confidence to follow your gut more often.


3. You Are A Badass

You are strong, capable, and smart. You know what works for you. Saying ‘no’ isn’t the easiest, but always have the confidence to know that you can say it.


4. It’s Not The End Of The World

Saying ‘no’ will not ruin your life or jeopardize the foundation of your friendships. A healthy dose of saying ‘no’ will just allow you to live the life you want to live.


5. You Are Staying True To You

By saying ‘no’ you are authentically living your truth. Don’t fake your way through life and do things that you simply don’t want to do. You are only letting yourself down when you say ‘yes’ without don’t actually meaning it.


6. Saying ‘No’ Is Liberating

You should feel empowered and confident knowing that ‘no’ frees you from unwanted obligations. As an autonomous person, you have the free will to choose how you want to spend your time. Free yourself from the motions of life and actually make decisions that allow you to live.


7. Your Voice Should Always Be Heard

Saying ‘no’ allows you to disagree and make your point. You have every right to speak your mind just like everyone else. You have a voice, use it.


8. You Are Important

If someone tells you that you aren’t allowed to say ‘no’ then they do not respect you. You are so incredibly important and so is your opinion. Find your voice, use your words, and always stand up for yourself.