8 Resolutions To Make If You’re Entering 2018 With A Broken Heart


You always become more aware of your emotions when the year ends because it’s a time for reflection. An entire year of your life has passed and there will never be another 2017 in history again. So you ask yourself, did I make 2017 count?

Did I conquer my demons? Or did they conquer me? Did I change at all? For some of you there has very clearly been a change in your life this year. You’ve been through a breakup and no matter how recent it was, your takeaways from 2017 include heartbreak.

It wouldn’t be New Year’s if you didn’t spend time making a list of resolutions you may or may not keep. Especially if you were unlucky in love this year. Resolutions may be cliché but they can make a difference in your future when you take them seriously.

Here are a few resolutions that will give you perspective to start 2018 with the right attitude:

1. Successfully let go of something that no longer helps you grow – you have no time for toxic.

Don’t let anything toxic build up in your life and block or diminish the good. It could be as simple as de-cluttering your life and learning to live on less. It could be a specific person who always leaves you feeling negative. Perhaps your habits and lifestyle are keeping you stuck in the same patterns that always end up being worse for you than better. Make active efforts to identify and walk away from something that isn’t helping you grow into a better human.

2. Live in the moment & stop focusing on the future – another cliché but it’s always true.

Every moment is fragile and fleeting. Time is never promised and your future will never be what you expect it to be. You have to nurture your present life, allow yourself to grow into the things that you want and the person you want to become. But you can only do that if you are thinking of the now, appreciating every breath, every smile, and every laugh. Finding beauty and contentment in your current existence because it’s the only existence you can depend on.

3. Be intentional with your time – every moment can matter if you make it.

This goes along with the above resolution but it’s a little deeper than just living in the moment. Being intentional with your time means you are consciously thinking of how many hours are in every day and making deliberate choices on who you are spending them with and what you are doing. Start looking at your time like you look at your money. Make a time-budget if you need to but make sure you are spending it proudly and not letting moments that could be amazing just be mediocre.

4. Go on more adventures – these are the stories you’ll tell in the future.

A solo island vacation, a cruise with friends, or a trip to a neighboring town. Maybe do that thing on your bucket list that scares you and excites you all at once. Don’t save all of your adventures for the future or leave them written on a list. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and give yourself the opportunity to do things that shock and thrill you in the best way. Stop letting fear, or timing, or money keep you from having an adventure. No matter how small an adventure let yourself have it.

5. Start a new hobby – it may lead to a new passion.

Anyone who has ever made a new year’s resolution ever has put this on their list. Truthfully we should all be trying to learn something new but this is especially helpful if you are fresh out a relationship. You need something to fill your time that won’t remind you of your ex. You need a new hobby that will challenge and distract you. You could choose something athletic, artistic, healthy, charitable, etc. Just find something you’ve always wanted to learn or do and start doing it.

6. Stop searching for someone to love you – love yourself instead.

Sometimes it feels like you are seeking love and love is just not seeking you back. You want a relationship and someone to love and cherish you. Everyone should have that and you will find it when it’s right, but you should love yourself more than anyone else could ever love you. You should be giving yourself daily encouragement and looking into the mirror with a smile. No one can ever make you feel better or worse about yourself than you because you live in your mind every day. Make sure in your mind you are loving yourself.

7. Think of what you do have instead of what you don’t have – appreciation changes your perspective.

Having dreams and goals of what you would like to have or accomplish in the future is one thing, but constantly focusing on the things other people have that you don’t is unhealthy. Wishing you had their boyfriend, job, or house is only going to make you see your boyfriend, job, and house in a negative light. You’re only going to see the shortcomings in your life because you’re focused on the greatness others seem to have. Instead try to appreciate who and what you have for what they are now and not what you wish them to be. You will start seeing the blessings in your life instead of just your desires.

8. Ask yourself what would make YOU happy – thinking of only yourself can be okay.

If you’re doing a relationship the right way then you’re going to consider your significant other as a factor in most of your decisions. Coming out of a relationship is hard especially when you’re used to making someone else a priority. Being single again means you can ask yourself what would really make you happy. You can be spontaneous and selfish with your decisions. It is so easy to let the presence, lack of presence, and even just the input from others take away your happiness.

Don’t let anyone stop you from being happy in 2018.