8 Signs It’s Time To Let Your (Failing) Relationship Go


There comes a point in every relationship where the natural progression leads to a certain level of commitment. Usually this occurs around the 6 month mark. After having numerous dates, long weekends together, having amazing sex, you’ve met his friends, he’s met yours and on Saturday’s you shop for drapes at IKEA.

You do everything together, and for all intents and purposes you are in a happy and idyllic almost relationship. There is just this one small thing, this ever-gnawing feeling that you can’t talk about the future… it feels like the relationship has peaked, and is no longer growing.

There comes a point where one person is trying more than the other. Where you would do anything and be anything just to make the other person happy. You’re letting them know with small gestures that you’re in this, you’re invested in a foreseeable future with this person. How they react to these small gestures tells you everything you need to know about the future of your relationship. By being detached and not fully invested, they are willing to let you go.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to recognize that it’s time to walk away:

1. If the idea of being without you isn’t entirely overwhelming, let them go.

2. If they can see you upset and do not feel a strong desire to do everything in their power to fix it, let them go.

3. If you take time to make future plans that include the other person and they don’t do this in return, let them go.

4. If you find yourself always giving more than you receive, let them go.

5. If you get to the point where you have to initiate the “where is this going” talk, let them go.

6. If they never use the word “we” in reference to anything of substance, let them go.

7. If you subconsciously know that you are wasting your time, if your intuition is telling you to run, let them go.

8. If you’re afraid to say I love you, you have to let them go.

This isn’t easy. You will tell yourself you didn’t give it enough time, that if you stay and try long enough, they will feel the way that you do. The 6 month mark is such a crucial point in a relationship because you’ve had enough memories, moments, and experiences to know if you want this person to remain in your life.

Remember, no matter how much you care about someone or how painful it can feel when you have your answer, you should never settle for someone who could walk away from you or let you go.