8 Signs The Person You’re Dealing With Is A Secret Expert Manipulator


1. It is their way or the highway. Manipulators sincerely believe that everything in life revolves around them, and will make any move they see necessary to please themselves. As long as they get what they want in the end, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt on the way there.

2. Manipulators have an immense sense of entitlement. They’ve deemed themselves deserving of every single thing they desire, and because they are so self-absorbed, they have little to no regard for the emotions or feelings of others. Hell, they’ll even make you feel as if you are lucky to even know them.


3. They are experts in the field of guilt tripping. They find it difficult to accept blame or to be “called out”, and will lie and deny until you eventually believe them. Before you know it, they’ve found a way to turn things around on you, putting themselves back on top. No matter what you do, it will be wrong, and they’ll make sure you feel that way.

4. If unsuccessful in their guilt trip attempt, you’ll likely earn the silent treatment. A game that manipulators truly excel at, giving you nothing but silence with a side of making you feel unworthy.

5. They are so damn charming, especially in the beginning. They may drown you in compliments and flattery, demonstrate impeccable mannerisms, and they’re usually easy on the eyes as well. Know this: there is always an underlying motive. They will say or do whatever it takes to deceive you to get what they want.

6. Manipulators are always the victim. Not because they truly need your sympathy, they want it.

7. Gaslighting. This is how they gain power, by slowly persuading you into questioning yourself, your reality, and your sanity. Being top-notch liars, they are able to make you accept anything they say as fact, and question why you even had the thought to begin with.

8. Their actions never match their words. This is simply because they are only telling you what they know you want to hear. Remember, they have an end goal and your feelings are irrelevant when it comes to meeting that goal. If you dare to bring up an instance when they didn’t follow through, they’ll either make you feel guilty or quickly change the subject. Never allow yourself to be so blinded by their words that you cannot see their behaviors. These are the kind of people you run from, quickly.