8 Signs You’re An 80 Year Old Trapped In A 20 Something’s Body


1. Cats, Cats, CATS!

You just can’t get enough of them. Your friends often accuse you of being a “cat lady” or “cat gentleman” (let’s not be sexist here) and you are damn proud of it!

2. You love to bake.

Few things bring you as much joy as showing off your great baking skills. You may often find yourself searching for new pie recipes to try out and are the first to volunteer to bring a baked good to a social gathering.

3. You have taken up knitting as a hobby, or at least thought about it.

Knitting is a great stress reliever for you and you’re known for giving your creations as gifts to your friends and family. In fact, you’ve probably already knitted at least a dozen pairs of socks for each and every one of them. Come on, who doesn’t love socks?

4. Enjoying a hot cup of tea before bed has become a nightly ritual.

There is NO way you are falling asleep tonight until you’ve had your tea.

5. Your ideal Saturday night consists of all of the above.

Rather than going out and getting drunk with your friends, you would much rather spend your Saturday evening at home knitting, while drinking tea with your cat, and waiting for the cookies to finish baking in the oven. Then going to bed by 9pm.

6. You catch yourself telling “back in my day” stories to people only slightly younger than you.

“Back in my day, we had 9 planets and you knew who your real friends were because they ranked you in order of importance on Myspace.”

7. Your idea of an adventure is driving to an antique shop in the next town over.

Your heart races at the sight of the word “antique.” You just can’t get enough old stuff!

8. Youths are the biggest annoyance in your life.

“This is a horrible neighborhood. There are youths everywhere!”

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