8 Signs You’re Single AF (And Totally Okay With That)


Yeah, being solo can kind of suck. Sometimes you just want to cuddle with a cute guy on Saturday night and watch a goofy movie and make out and know that it means something. But sometimes you’re sharing ice cream with your dog, watching Saturday Night Live. And you know what? You’re OK with this. Here are 12 other signs you’re single AF (and totally owning it).

1. You happily post your dog as your #WCW or #MCM every week:

Sure, it’s not a cute couple picture where you’re giggling into a camera while he kisses your cheek, but you acknowledge that the love your furry friend can give you is all you need right now.

2. You aren’t embarrassed, but actually appreciate that Netflix asks if you’re still watching:

Because, hey, at least someone is checking to see if you’re still alive, right?

3. You embrace the middle of the bed in all its spacious glory:

Because your future Fabio sure isn’t going to make this possible. You sleep diagonally or spread yourself out like a starfish and sometimes even sleep perpendicular to your mattress because you fucking can.

4. You value the relationships you do have (and don’t get hung up on the romantic ones you could have):

When you’re okay with being single AF, you start to realize and appreciate all the love that’s already present in your life, be it from your best friends, your family, or your dog. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and not just in the form of romance.

5. You’re more open-minded and carefree when you do go on dates:

Typically when you’re wanting a relationship, you view every date as your savior from Singletown. But this typically ends up putting a lot of pressure on the outing and sucks the fun out of it, doesn’t it? When you’re cool with being on your own, you look at a date as a fun outing and acknowledge that it might be a one-time thing; and that’s totally cool with you.

6. When someone ghosts you, you don’t spiral into a pit of despair wondering why:

Does it suck when this happens? Of course it does. It’s disappointing and it hurts. It’s confusing as hell. But when you’re okay with being single and are ghosted, you don’t try to ascribe a bunch of reasons as to why they’re suddenly no longer there. You take some time to yourself, drink some wine, and then eventually say “screw them” and move on.

7. Romantic songs don’t make you sad anymore:

Before Michael Buble made you aggressive because he had something you didn’t, and now you’re just like “whatever.”

8. You deleted Tinder:

Because, no, you don’t want another unsolicited dick pick or a text at 1am that says: “heyyeyyyyy wanna com over? I have snaks ;)”

No, sir. No, I do not.