8 Steps To Moving Forward In Life


Sometimes, it seems like no matter hard you work, nothing much is changing in your life. That’s probably your ambitious and overly self-critical self in action. Gentleness and speaking to yourself with compassion are sometimes the only things missing to propel yourself to move forward.

1. Take little steps. Sometimes you’ll move forward three steps, and move back two times. 

I thought allowing myself to fall down and take little steps is lenient enough. No matter how much we try, things are going to happen which would do worse than making you fail.

Three steps forward and two steps back is still a step towards the right direction.

2. Celebrate each step. Celebrate the little things. 

When we do something we’re proud of, no matter how little it may seem, it deserves a celebration. We sometimes get sucked in this belief that when we do something, it should always be the legend that it’s supposed to be.

No writer sits down and knows for sure that their work will become a bestseller. No painter makes an artwork and knows for sure that their art will end up in a gallery or museum.

They sit down in their studio and do the work. They toil every day without knowing how everything’s going to turn out. Celebrate each step you take in achieving your life goal. The only time you’ll ever jump on your journey to success is in the beginning, when you take your leap of faith. The rest will be baby steps. And those baby steps deserve nothing but praise and celebration.

3. Learn to celebrate on your own.

Sometimes, we even unconsciously ask someone else’s permission to be proud of ourselves. When I was little, I would get a high grade and would feel really proud of myself, until someone points out the 2 mistakes on my paper.

Some people are never going to be happy for you. In my short stay here on earth, I figured out that it’s just their insecurity that they’re mirroring to the world. I refuse to be sucked in that hole so I decided to snap out of it.

We should be free to be proud of ourselves and celebrate our little victories.

4. Look back occasionally and see how far you’ve come. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to appreciate our progress until we look back and see how far we’ve come.

Looking back occasionally is a great way to keep yourself grounded and to check if you’re still in the right path. Look back and see that you’re giving yourself less credit that you deserve.

5. Train yourself to avoid looking sideways.

Now that everyone posts everything on social media, it’s hard not to compare lives even for a bit. It’s all just harmless competition until you’re crippled with self-doubt and self-pity.

No one runs the same path in the marathon that is life. The only time when you are supposed to look sideways is to check if the person beside you is doing fine. We should be there to inspire and help one another. Life is too short for mindless competitions.

6. No one is a self-made man, and no one is an island. 

Accept that you cannot go through everything alone. Living just for yourself is pointless. If you can’t see yourself as part of a whole, then you might be lost.

Getting along and asking for help isn’t always easy, but sometimes, these things have to be done. Not only will they make things easier for you, but it’s also more fun to succeed if you’re taking people along with you.

7. You can’t have the same length of stride all throughout your journey.

Some days, you’ll have the motivation and energy to run towards your goal. Some days, you’re going to have walk slowly to get there. There are days when you have to absolutely stop altogether to rest. And that’s fine. You’re not in a race with anyone.

8. Keep your faith.

Life will never be easy. I think that’s simply how it should be. A difficult life is an epic life. And sometimes, there’s going to be too much of these emotional and mental baggage that it’s practically impossible to take another step, no matter how small it is.

The thing is, you’re going to be alone, and you’re going take on these life challenges alone for the most part. No matter how tightly knit your family is. No matter how close you are with your friends. You’ll mostly walk through life alone.

The only one who can truly motivate and propel you to move forward is yourself. And your faith.