8 Struggles Anyone Who Drinks Too Much Damn Coffee Will Understand


For many of us, coffee becomes a way of life as we enter the stage of adulthood where we must function at respectable hours. We feel like we can’t get by without it, like we need it to get out of bed and stay standing. We can’t possibly think and work to our full potential before taking in that sweet smell and feeling that warmth throughout our body.

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Then there’s those of us who are, well, addicted to the delightful dark drink (you know who you are). 

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You probably walk into work every morning with a mug already going and collect more throughout the day. You probably are recognized at your local coffee shop and instead of ordering just get asked, “The usual?” You probably consume more coffee than all other beverages combined (except maybe wine…). You need coffee to function, and everyone knows it.

In the spirit of that, here’s 8 struggles that those of us to consume too much damn coffee know all too well:


Having to use the bathroom way too often.
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Having a strong desire to tackle everything at once, but way too energized to really buckle down.
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Getting the “coffee jitters…”
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…then getting all the anxiety that comes with the shakes…
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The increase in your heart rate that comes after just one more cup, with varied results in actually feeling alive.

This is all coffee has ever done for me.


Caffeine-induced headaches. Enough said.
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Insomnia due to the large amounts of caffeine you’ve ingested.
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The way you look to the rest of the world without even realizing.
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I’m certain I’ve left a few off the list…I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning, which we all know is not enough. Who really functions on just one cup of coffee? Do those people really even exist? I don’t know them.