8 Struggles Of An Outstanding Texter


Texting gives way for miscommunication and a lot of emotion is lost through a text, but a simple text message is also one of the easiest ways to communicate with someone in today’s crazy busy world. It works for me! Except when we have to deal with you.

1. Read receipts. If you have yours on, we expect you to reply in a timely fashion. If you don’t reply in the next ten minutes of that time stamp..Yes, we will take it personally. (Especially if this is a habit for you). You’re frustrating.

2. With that being said, we always have our read receipts on because we ALWAYS reply to texts no matter what. So if you see that we haven’t replied in ten minutes after we read it, we’re probably ignoring you.

3. We can’t seem to understand people who say they don’t look at their phone for 8 hours at a time and that’s why they didn’t reply. You must either be a) a hermit b) your thumbs temporarily fall off for 8 hours at a time everyday or c) you must not interact with others much

4. Our fingers are always on crack. We text at record breaking speeds and it kills us when you text slow because we sit there anxiously watching the typing bubble for fifteen minutes waiting for your reply.

5. We see texting as one of the quickest ways to get our friends together. So do us all a favor and give us a REPLY even if you hate those annoying group texts. By the way though, thanks IOS 8 now you can 1. Reply and then 2. TEMPORARILY silence our chat.

6. We’re well aware if you’re ignoring us. Since we text a lot, we spend a lot of times on our phone which means we keep tabs on your social media postings, likings, tweets, and your active participation in other group chat apps. We know you’re on your phone.

7. Don’t ever tell us that you didn’t receive our text. We always make sure that our iMessage said delivered. That’s a promise. If it turns green..well then I guess you’re off the hook for now.

8. We love exclamation points, caps, emojis, and pictures. So don’t give me Ok or a lol. Step up your game.