8 Things Broken Promises Make Us Realize


1. We trusted too easily, and fell for the same traps.

We’ve done it over and over. We trust someone too easily, and are led to believe that each time we do, we are somehow veering away from committing the same mistakes.

2. We are blinded by false security.

Promises create a false blanket of security. We get tricked by beautifully crafted words — words that mean nothing, once broken.

3. We end up regretting not listening to the advice given to us by people who really care.

We’ve been warned far too many times, but we never took those warnings. We saw red flags, but we disregarded it as something ordinary. Yet after all the hoopla, we finally realize that it is worth heeding the advice from people who want nothing but the best for us.

4. We throw ourselves onto the first person who’s willing to listen.

In times like these, we only need people who will listen. We need people to comfort us and let us know that it’s okay to break down and let it go.

5. We break down for a long time, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, but it never happens.

It’s okay to break down for a while, but hoping for a better tomorrow without doing anything about it just doesn’t seem right. Acceptance requires admittance and effort; it doesn’t happen overnight.

6. We struggle internally between denial and acceptance.

We delve into an unending battle between denying and accepting the unwelcoming truth. Along those lines, we always run away, in the hopes of finding ourselves along the way.

7. We realize that no one is going to help us if we don’t help ourselves.

At the end of the day, when all types of help has been thrown our way, we come to realize that there’s nothing that can truly help us if we do not help ourselves too. Change has to start in ourselves, and everything else will follow.

8. The realization that we somehow still believed in these empty promises, hoping that one day, we could debunk everyone’s stance on broken promises.

Despite our shortcomings, we never truly learn from our mistakes, and still hold on to new promises in the hopes of proving non-believers wrong. After all, promises remind us that despite uncertainty, there will always be hope to cling on to.