8 Things Life Taught Me At 22


1. Love yourself.

Such a simple concept, but one that many are still unable to grasp. Loving someone more than yourself may seem like some huge selfless act. But believe me when I say that self love and self worth are the two more influential acts of all time – because it speaks for itself. Cliché but true. There is no need to prove when you love and that is the beauty of it. When you understand the importance of loving yourself, you make changes that will indirectly impact the lives of others.

2. Don’t change anyone.

Change only happens if you want it for yourself. It is a fire that ignites from within. Girls, don’t expect the boys to change for you. In fact, don’t expect anyone to change for you. When a spark is ignited from within, then only will it grow into flames. Change is a beautiful process of learning and growing. It is acknowledging that we are not perfect. It is acknowledging that life is about accepting changes, seeking new horizons and being at peace with oneself.

3. Stop fighting.

Being only human, we tend to fight for everything – what’s right, what’s wrong or what we deserve. It is okay to fight for what belongs to you, but many times we try too hard. You have been fighting all your life. Haven’t you realised that if something belonged to you that things will naturally fall into place?

4. Get out of that comfort zone.

I know how addictive the comfort zone can get, it is a safe house. Walls are up high and we are kept safe from all the daggers and discomfort the world brings.

But is this what life is about? Digging a hole on the battlefield hoping to hide it out till the war is over. Life is about taking on the battle, pushing yourself to greater heights. You deserve a life of amazing adventures, stop hiding in your little cave. Go out, have fun, get hurt or fall but come back up and soldier on. Change should always be the constant, take that leap of faith.

5. Be grateful.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being grateful. No matter how rich or poor, I know that most of us are at the very least, fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads. In the midst of our crazy lives or even a bad day, we tend to forget how fortunate we are. Being grateful about the smallest things in life reminds you not to take what you have for granted. You will tend to appreciate the things you have in life and in turn become happier as a person.

6. Things happen for a reason.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and for reasons unknown, we shall not question. We humans try to seek answers and make reason for everything. When something doesn’t go our way, we start to question life, ourselves or even a higher power. Give life your best shot. Stop trying to find what went wrong and how you can ‘try to fix things’. Things happen for a reason, sometimes its best to leave it that way.

7. Be Positive.

Honestly, no one likes a grumpy soul. Be positive and emit positive energy to those around you. No matter how bad your day can get, the ones around do not deserved to be dragged to hell alongside with you. Give yourself that positivity, look on the bright side of situations. Everyone deserves positive energy in their lives.

8. You are always a work in progress.

You are always a work in progress and know that, that is not a bad thing! Always allow yourself room for errors and room to grow. The world can be cruel, people may turn their backs on you. But the only person you need to have faith in is yourself. Take on the highs and lows of life, you are stronger than you think you are.

May the coming year be an amazing one for you as you go through another year – learning, growing and loving everything that comes your way.

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