8 Things That Happen To Women (But Not Girls)


1. You are comfortable being alone

You are able to go out alone and not be worried about being spotted alone. You understand that if something needs to be done it doesn’t matter if you have to go alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a restaurant, an appointment, the movies, shopping, or even traveling alone, you are perfectly fine by yourself. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the company, you understand that you can be happy alone.

2.You are aggressively searching for your own place or already have your own space

It is time to leave the nest or even your room mate. You have reached the point in your life where you want to have your own household instead of living with others. The fact that you won’t have anyone questioning about who comes over to see you is intriguing alone.

3.In the great pads vs tampons war, you are Switzerland — what hygienic product other women use to maintain their menses is none of your concern.

You have come to accept that different undergarments require different products to prevent them from being soiled. No woman is a whore in your eyes if she chooses to wear tampons, and no woman is dirty if she opts for pads. 

4. Petty fights and drama are not your scene

You understand that everyday of your life isn’t an episode of Beverly Hills 90210, and instead of choosing to ignore the people in your life that hurt you or seeking revenge, you forgive them and try to make it work. That doesn’t mean that you are going to take back every bad boyfriend you’ve had, but you are willing to work on relationships with former friends or lovers because you understand that we are human and we all make mistakes and have our own demons to fight. You also have come to acknowledge that sometimes you need to walk away from toxic people because you have come to learn your own self-worth.

5. Dating is beyond superficial mating

It’s not all about how he looks or what he drives or how good he is in bed anymore. Rather your search for a romantic partner has evolved into, what does are his viewpoints, what does he want to do with his life, what are his goals, before you start wondering about how good they are in bed. Maintaining an image with a partner isn’t your priority, finding a mate who understands and supports you is.

6. Other women are no longer seen as your competition

Sometimes other women will be better than you and that’s okay. You understand that fearing other women as competition is immature and pointless because you are not insecure with who you are. Often times girls see other girls as competition because they are lacking something deep down, you know that if you are not confident about an aspect of yourself, you can always make yourself better. You know that no other woman will take anything that is yours and if she does, it was never yours to begin with.

7. Becoming a sexual temptation for every man is no longer your life goal

You have outlived your impress every man phase. Instead you have come to the realization that self-improvement and self-maintenance are the keys to getting the man you want, and as a result your wardrobe no longer contains the skintight dresses that have your assets hanging out from all places. Spending hours to look sexy is no longer needed because you know what the real meaning of sexy is. It is not a physical state but rather a state of mind and the right man for you will find you and your confidence sexy no matter what.

8. You make your own choices no matter what

Whether it be going back to school, moving to a new city or anything in between, you understand that the final decision is yours. Your friends and family do not make decisions for you. Rather, you use their opinions to guide you to a final decision that YOU are happy with. The fact you that you have come to an understanding that it is your life and you make your choices to keep yourself happy is what is you live by when you need to decide what to do next.