8 Things To Do Without A Date On Valentine’s Day


1. Eat.

Just because you’re not going to a fancy restaurant with a plus one doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a five-star meal. Or better yet, the McDonald’s drive-through. Do you know how many cute old couples go to McDonald’s on Valentine’s? The answer is a fucking lot.

2. Stay in.

How many times have your friends called you out to the bar or asked you to bail them out of jail? People it’s only Tuesday and even though you can “go up on a Tuesday” doesn’t mean you should. Remember your couch likes some QT, too.

3. Go out.

This is the exact opposite of the above, but for the shut-ins of the world, this might be just what you need. Call up the squad and do something crazy. And no, getting extra mayo on your Jimmy John’s order is not what I’m referring to.

4. Give Candy to Strangers.

This sounds mildly like the actions of a pedophile, but if you focus on adult couples you should be just fine.

5. Shop.

Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. If you don’t have a significant other, you’re clearly not spending your hard-earned cash on them, so why not spend it on your fine self? We all know you’ve been looking at those godawful crocs, but we still won’t judge.

6. Tinder/Bumble.

One thing is for certain—you’re definitely not the only one alone on Valentine’s Day. Land a date or a lay and enjoy your day.

7. Call family.

Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you don’t have people who love you. Take this time to call up the people in your life who’ve seen you at your worst and still send you birthday cards.

8. Clear your schedule for February 15th.

The minute it hits midnight on Valentine’s Day you KNOW that candy is going 50% off, so set your alarm and get your ass out of bed to snatch up some deals. Remember, the day after Valentine’s Day you can either look like an Oompa Loompa who gorged themselves on candy the day before, or fucking Willie Wonka coming out of the goddamn Chocolate Factory. Your choice.