8 Things To Remember During Times Of Tragedy


1. Stop defining someone by the color of their skin or their religion. Saying, “That black chick” or “That Muslim dude” doesn’t advance your conversation and it doesn’t advance us as a society. Find better attributes to define someone by.

2. Do not hate someone because of the circumstances they were born into. They have no control over how they came into this world, but you have the control to not make them feel bad about it.

3. It is possible to fight for more than one cause. Just because you support the men and women who protect us, does not mean you have to be against fighting for equality and vice versa. This isn’t a game of would you rather so why are you only fighting for one? At the end of the day we’re all humans.

4. Stop putting a scarlet letter on groups of people because of one person’s bad decision. Pushing some sort of agenda to make the population scared of a race, religion, police etc only makes you the coward.

5. If you’re angry, be angry. But do not stomp on those who are trying to raise their voices in a peaceful manner by using your hate. That only tears us apart more.

6. Stop pointing fingers at each other. We aren’t toddlers anymore. Use your listening skills and hear what the other side has to say. If we’re constantly yelling at each other, no one will ever be heard and we’ll be reading another tragic headline next week.

7. You don’t have to have a significant tie to a race or religion or even the police to speak up about what’s going on right now. For those who think “all lives matter”, that is totally fine. But if “all lives matter” to you then have the damn courage to do something about ALL THE LIVES that have been taken this week, this month, this year, and beyond…no matter what their skin color was.

8. Lastly, never forget the good in the world. There is SO much good here. I mean, have you tried Nutella? That stuff is DAMN good…borderline life changing. Go out and find the silver lining to all of this. Go out and do your part to make the world a little brighter. Be the light that shines through this darkness.