8 Things You Gain When You Lose Someone


1. The starting revelation of just how much you appreciate the people in your life, which is sadly most noticeable when there is a gaping hole.

2. Fuel to move you forward. Few things are more devastating than a nasty breakup or losing a loved one; most of us are filled and teeming with negative energy. Channel it, change it and use it to your advantage.

3. A clean slate. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your life has changed incredibly. You can now decide what you fill the person’s absence with.

4. A rediscovered understanding/sense of self. You’re either contemplating why and how they could have left you or the things you wish you would or wouldn’t have done when they were still around. Regardless, an excellent (though heartbreaking) means of self-reflection.

5. Inspiration. To write or compose or take on any new endeavor in your life. Just listen to love songs and books and novels and poems… the most common theme? Unrequited or lost love or loved ones and the guilt, regret, despair and eventual realization and enlightenment that follows.

6. The crucifixion before the resurrection. I’ve used this phrase many times before, but I’m saying it again because I do honestly believe that to really find enlightenment you must lose something.

7. The discovery of how powerful your resilience can be.

8. Eventually, a deeper understanding of the interesting and intricate ways life blindsides you but leads you somewhere better, even when it least seems like that’s the case.

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