8 Things You Should Know About Independent Women


1. We are content being alone. While we do want love and affection, we don’t need a partner in order to be happy. We’ve worked hard to become the women we are, and we’d rather not rely on others to get what we want. There is an enormous difference in being selfish, and valuing yourself. No, we don’t want to be alone forever, but this doesn’t mean we are going to fill our days chasing after a relationship.

2. We are self-sufficient and highly resourceful. We know how to perform an oil change, we’ve had no choice but to learn to do these types of things on our own. We also know that the right person will have enough self-confidence to appreciate our independence. Just because we aren’t needy or asking for your help doesn’t mean we aren’t interested.

3. We’re tired of being labeled as “intimidating.” The simple truth is this: we aren’t afraid to speak up and call you out on your shit. Unfortunately, most people are not so fond of being “called out,” which also leads to being labeled as “mean” or “bitchy.” Sorry not sorry.

4. We refuse to be an option and we won’t play games. Honesty and commitment are requirements. We will not hesitate to walk away from a situation that is unhealthy and/or immature. We were fine before and we’ll be fine after. Don’t expect us to compromise our standards and put up with someone who treats us like garbage.

5. We are said to come across as “cold.” However, just because we aren’t super clingy doesn’t make us “cold.” In fact, we’re deeply emotional people who love hard. But, we have our own hobbies and interests, and we expect the same thing in a potential partner. We’ve spent a lot of time learning to love ourselves, we want the same for you. Of course, we want to be loved, but we don’t want you to lose yourself in the process.

6. We don’t have an “attitude.” Again, we value ourselves and believe that we are worth fighting for. If being driven and motivated is something that intimidates you, then maybe you’re the problem.

7. We do not place value on material things. It’s not money that we’re after, it’s loyalty.

8. We can be hard to love. We’ve become so accustomed to doing everything ourselves and solving our own problems, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that it’s okay to ask for help. We keep our guard up because it’s our way of staying in control. We require patience, it takes time for us to let go of being the “tough girl,” because we’re terrified of being hurt. However, we are worth it. Once we’re in, we’re all the way in, the level of passion and loyalty will surpass anything you’ve ever experienced.