8 Things You Should Say To Your Husband Right Now


Women are high maintenance. I admit—I’m part of the problem. But come on, sometimes I need chocolate, cuddles, hugs, and Netflix, and in that order, or maybe all together. See what I mean?

In the hustle and bustle of life, we women might ask for more words of encouragement than we give. We’re too busy making dinner, walking the dog, feeding the kids, grocery shopping or cleaning the house.

We say things like, “Did you like dinner? Do you love me? Do I look good today?”

But how often does our husband ask for the same encouragement?

Mine asks—never.

We need to realize that our husbands are people too. They want to hear that they are loved and appreciated. Here are some things you should go home and say to your husband.

1. “Thank you.”

Whether he fixed the sink or bought you tampons three months ago, thank him. Maybe thank him for deeper things like caring for you, protecting you, or providing for you.

2. “I respect you.”

Men need to know that they are looked up to. Like us, they need to know that they measure up. Tell your husband you respect him. It might just give him the boost he needs.

3. “I’m glad I married you.”

This may not be a sentiment you feel strong about every day. In fact some days you may NOT be glad. But come on—you married him for a reason. Let him know you’re grateful.

4. “I appreciate you.”

Tell him you appreciate the way he supports you financially or that you appreciate the way he cares for you and your family. He needs to know that you need him. It makes him feel good.

5. “You’re still the most handsome man I know.”

How many guys do you know who wouldn’t like this sentiment? I can think of…none. Maybe you’ve been married a hundred years and he’s not looking so good. Still, tell him. It will put a smile on his face.

6. “What can I do for you?”

Sometimes guys don’t feel like telling us when they need something. Try asking and see what he’ll come up with. Maybe nothing, but maybe there something he needs to say.

7. “How are you?”

Okay, this seems lame, but let’s be honest sometimes we need to talk things out. Ask him how he is and you never know what he might say. Maybe there’s an insecurity he’s felt uncomfortable bringing up. Maybe he’s fine. You’ll never know unless you ask.

8. “I love you.”

Yeah, we say this all the time. Maybe take him to the bedroom, sit him down, look him in the eye, and tell him. Make it special. Not a normal, “I love you honey.” The words “I Love You” are said so much that sometimes we don’t grasp their meaning. Tell him you love him and make sure he knows you mean it.

When we fell in love with the man we are now married to we never dreamed that love could fade. But some days we find ourselves too busy or stuck in the mundane. If we want to live happily-ever-after we have to work at our relationship. Telling your husband some of these things may help keep the communication open. Maybe there are things he needs to ask you too. Make sure he knows what you need. Don’t always received encouragement without giving it. Your husband needs to know he’s loved too. You never know—maybe after you tell him these things you’ll both feel like you’re falling in love all over again.