8 Things Your Forever Person Should Put Effort Into When They Propose 


Disclaimer: I’m marrying my best friend, so I would have been happy with any proposal. With that being said, here are a few things I’m thankful my fiancé did when he proposed because it showed how much he cares:

1. He picked out the best ring. Not the most expensive ring. Not the biggest ring. The best ring for my personal tastes. He paid attention to what kind of jewelry I liked to wear and made sure to choose a diamond that I would be excited to look at for the rest of our lives.

2. He took me to a special location. He put effort into the proposal. He planned out an entire day for us. He didn’t pop the question out of the blue without thinking it through. He picked a place that would be meaningful to us (and would be perfect for pictures). He made sure absolutely everything about the day was planned according to my taste.

3. He gave a cute speech. Even though he reminds me of how much he loves me every single day, he took the time to give me a private, sentimental speech about how much I mean to him. He made sure I felt special in the moment. He made sure I knew he was proposing for all of the right reasons.

4. He dressed his best. No, he didn’t show up in a suit and tie, because neither of us are that fancy. But he wore one of the shirts he knew I loved on him. He made sure to look his best because the proposal was a major milestone in both of our lives. He wanted to make sure he was prepared for it emotionally and physically.

5. He made sure my nails were done. He knew one of the first things I would want to do is take pictures of myself wearing the ring (not just for Instagram, but for our own personal scrapbooks). I didn’t want chipped nails in the picture, so he made sure he proposed while my manicure was still fresh. That way, I was able to capture the moment without running to the nail salon first.

6. He set aside time to see our family members. He knew I would want to celebrate with the people we love the most, so he made sure there was enough time for us to stop by our everyone’s houses after the proposal. That way, I was able to brag about how much effort he put into the proposal and show off my new ring.

7. He kept it a secret (as best as he could). He managed to catch me off-guard with the proposal. Even though I knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, he managed to keep me on my toes.

8. He set aside time for pictures. He didn’t complain when I took the same photograph for the tenth time because he knew this was a once in a lifetime moment. He knew we were never going to have this experience again.