8 Types Of Friends Every Girl Has That Complete A Well-Balanced Friend Group


Each girl in your friend group serves a different purpose. Although you may complain about them half the time, your life would be incomplete without them (as the BACKSTREET BOYS would say).

Here are the 8 different elements in your female friend group.

1. The Party Girl

This girl is the common element in your friend group. She is the one we all love to talk about. “OMG did you hear what —— did last friday night?”. She is your common interest friend. She is likely the one who brought all of you guys together, because everyone met at her house to pre. She is the girl we love to hate and we say this out of love. We judge her, but secretly wish we had the guts to pull off what she does effortlessly. She is our go to party girl, need to binge drink on a Wednesday night she is down. She probably will make sangria and jello shots too. Hate her or love her our best stories are with her and we know it.

2. The Little Sister

This friend is your protegé. You have trained her to be your partner in crime. You picked up her first bottle of flavoured vodka and taught her how to play beer pong. She learned how to flirt and tease with the best of them. You taught her how to get free shots, and where to hide her flask. She is a mirror of your perfection. I must warn you though about the little sister she can go two ways. This friend is a creation of you. She can become your twin or you could have created a monster (Frankenstein/ Mean Girls style).

3. The Childhood Friend

The Lo to your LC. You guys even have matching nick names that date back all the way to grade 3. This friendship is like no other, because you have a history with them that is unexplainable. You have pictures from 1998 that could black mail them to this day. You braided each other’s hair in every Lizzie Mcguire style. You knew each other before you “developed”. You were friends when boys still had cooties. One of you could move away for years, and you could still watch “Passport To Paris” like it’s 1999.

4. The Work/ School Friend

This is the friend at your convenience. She is your “bestie” in class and when you need a pal in the library. This friend is your go to gossip pal at work, but both friends don’t really move much pass their surface. We are friends with them? Sure. Are they in our core friend group? No. Could we live without them? Probably, but work/school would be pretty boring without them.

5. The “Get Shit Done” Friend

This friend may not be as “fun” as the party girl, but she is useful. She is reliable and you can count on her. What else more can you really ask for? Although she is busy, she finds enough time to get you through each boy mental breakdowns during brunch. She gives you concrete advice and doesn’t just tell you want you want to hear.

6. The Guy’s Girl

This friend would rather be staying in with the boys playing beer pong, than out shopping or tanning. She doesn’t really know much about make up or in-depth beauty routines. She also could care less about “What’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. This friend is truly laid back, and honestly just has more fun hanging out with the boys doing almost nothing. She is a nice break from your more high maintenance friends and some of her guy friends are pretty cute.

7. The Know It ALL

This is the friend who “always thinks she is right”. Even when it has nothing to do with her she finds a way to state her opinion. It’s funny, because we don’t remember asking her what she thinks? It’s best not to argue with her, just nod and go along with it. She isn’t worth the energy.

8. The WANNABE Friend

This girl is not really in your core friend group, but she WANTS to be. This friend is always desperately inviting herself and you are not sure who she is really friends with her? Or how she knows anyone here? But she always finds a way to be the first one at the party.