8 Uncommon Items That Will Make This Thanksgiving The Best One Yet


How do you make your Thanksgiving standout from the rest? Here’s a list of unique items that are must-haves if you’re looking to revolutionize Turkey Day.


A Flag Banner Backdrop For The Whole Night.



Sometimes we forget that Thanksgiving is a supposed to be a time of celebration––not a time to stress out over whether your uncle is going to drink too much or if your grandmother is going to reveal some kind of wild family secret. Commemorate the long weekend with a flag banner pennant, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for all thanksgiving festivities (and maybe even as a subtle little reminder that you should be celebrating instead of stressing).



Tupperware To Divide And Conquer The Leftovers.



Thanksgiving dinner? Delicious. The sandwich you’ll eat at work the following Monday, made up of Thanksgiving leftovers? Even better. Plan ahead and invest in some serious Tupperware so you can revel in that Thanksgiving leftovers glow.


A Polaroid Camera To Capture Memories Instantly.



We’ll all guilty of getting caught up in taking Snapchats––but what about permanently documenting those little moments too? This Polaroid camera is the picture perfect way to capture memories and then quickly develop them, so that you can hold them in your hand and pass ‘em around (and not have to worry about accidentally deleting them before you could back-up your phone storage).




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