8 Uncommon Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Your Mother Is Your Best Friend


1. You Tell Her Everything

You tell her all your secrets. You tell her your friends’ secrets. She knows all about your day. She knows your love stories and heartbreak by heart. You tell her your fears, mistakes, what keeps you up at night and what makes you happy. She knows what you’re up to 24/7.

2. You Put Her First

You buy her all the things in the world she needs. You go out of your way to put a smile on her face. You go with her to her doctor’s appointment and to the events that matter to her. You care about the things she cares about. You do the things she asks of you right-away. You give her your jacket when she’s cold, you give her the better piece of cake, you give her the last bite of your favorite chocolate and dessert in general. You encourage her to chase after her dreams even if it means putting your own on hold.

3. You Do Everything Together

You go shopping. You go to the movies. You go for dinner and then have ice cream later. You volunteer. You sing in the car. You eat junk food. You make the best meals. You do all that with her, you do all of it together.

4. You Talk On Social Media Everyday

You send her the most random snapchats all day long. She has access to your location on the map. You tag her in posts on Facebook. You text her funny Youtube videos on WhatsApp. You call her on Messenger when you go out of the country. You talk at least once a day. You’re the first person to like anything she posts.

5. You Share Your Personal Things With Her

You let your mother use the best stuff you have. She wears your favorite high heel more than you do. Your heart feels the warmest when you see her looking beautiful in one of your outfits. She has access to your make-up, bags and sexy dresses and you would not want it any other way. She knows all your passwords.

6. You Giver Her Your Money

You tell her your banking information and you give her your card to use whenever she pleases There’s nothing you love more than spoiling your mother. You take her to her favorite places all the time. You get her things she has on her bucket list. You buy her groceries. You get her a membership at a beauty salon. You share all the hard work and long hours with her because it is the least thing you can do for the woman who gave you everything.

7. You Show Her Off To The World

You always tell the world about your mother. Everyone you know, knows her. You even tell strangers how much you love her. Everyone knows that you are proud of who she is as: a woman, as a role model, as a leader. You brag about her on social media, too. You walk with her as you have a million bucks standing next to you. Because you really do.

8. You Protect Her

You protect her from getting her heart-broken. You watch over her back. You are hard on her siblings, relatives and friends. You call people out when they do her wrong. You hold her hand when you cross the street. You warn her about the slippery floor. You tell her all about the modern ways of online fraud and telephone scams. You stand-up for her and you stand next to her as well.