8 Unwritten Traffic Rules All GOOD Drivers Follow


1. Slow traffic moves to the right

This is actually a law in some places. But please, please please, for the love of god do not park your butt in the left lane just because you’re lazy or indignant about people going faster than you. The left lane is for passing. If you’re not passing, move to the right.

2. Do not, under any circumstances, rubberneck

If you want to see what a traffic accident looks like look one up on Google when you get home. Do not make everyone behind you suffer because you want to slow down and have a story to tell your friends. Get a hobby instead. Preferably one that doesn’t involve driving.

3. Merge like a zipper

Believe it or not this is actually a fast and effective way to merge. It doesn’t work, however, when people won’t let others in to “punish” them for being in the other lane using the system how it is supposed to be used.

4. Be nice

If someone lets you in, give them a wave. It doesn’t make the commute faster, but it just makes the road a little bit more pleasant to be on.

5. On long stretches of road, use your cruise control

It’s really annoying for the drivers around you if you’re constantly fluctuating speeds. Plus, why wouldn’t you use your cruise control? You’ll save gas.

6. Don’t stop traffic because you weren’t paying attention and missed your exit

Just take the next exit. It’s not worth driving recklessly over.

7. Don’t try to “get revenge” on another driver

Grow up.

8. Get off your phone

I know it’s extremely tempting sometimes because you’re waiting for an important call or text but don’t do it. I personally don’t mind people checking at a stoplight, because they aren’t going to swerve off the road at that point and kill me. But — make sure you keep looking at the light. There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck at a green light because the guy in front of you is on Facebook.