8 Ways To Get Results You Want To See For More Than Just Weight Loss


For the past two weeks, I’ve been following a fitness competition workout and nutrition plan. I’ve worked out almost every day and I’ve been eating really clean. (I’d give myself an 85% – definitely room for improvement, but overall pretty awesome in comparison to what I was doing prior.)

I looked in the mirror this morning, and after only two weeks, I can already see results. During those two weeks, I’ve felt exhausted many times. The excuses are abundant….I don’t want to work out. Carving out an extra two hours every day to get it done is a huge cramp in my lifestyle.

It’s annoying to refuse a glass of wine at dinner then leave early to hit the gym before bed. I feel like a nuisance asking for chicken breast and mixed greens rather than just choosing from the menu. I’m met with mixed reactions from my friends and co-workers. Some people think I’m a buzz kill, some people are impressed with my level of commitment. Others doubt that I’m fully committed to this self-imposed fitness program. And some people think I’m crazy, because I’m doing this all for virtually no reason.

I wasn’t overweight, I looked okay, I have no pending deadline or milestone, I have no desire to jump into a fitness competition, even though I’m following a fitness competition diet and training plan. The past two weeks have seemed long when strung out day after day, but in hindsight, two weeks is a very short time to start seeing results. (My whole program is 12 weeks).

After looking in the mirror this morning – seeing the muscles start to show, the flab going away, and a banging shape taking form – I thought,

“They think I’m crazy until they see the results.”

It occurred to me that this applies to everything in life. To get results that are notable, you have to do things that are outside the norm. You’re going to look crazy, weird, unusual. It will be inconvenient. But when those results come around, it all starts to make sense.

What if we all committed like HELL to that one thing we wanted?

What if for two weeks, or even 90 days IN A ROW, we did things that were outside our comfort zones, inconvenient and look crazy? What results would come out of that? I always love to share what works for me, so here’s my guide to looking crazy and getting results.

1. Pick a goal

2. Research

More often than not somebody has already carved the way, don’t reinvent the wheel. Research, find a formula and start there.

3. Set yourself up for success.

In my case I went grocery shopping, downloaded an app to help track my progress, bought a scale that measures both weight and body fat, and entered each workout into my calendar ahead of time, so I always know how to plan my day (in all reality, I entered in 7 workouts that reoccur every week).

4. Tell your friends and get their support

Some of them might want to join you, either way, it’s motivating to feel like an inspiration to those around you.

5. Don’t worry about judgment

You’ll get labeled a buzz kill/party pooper a few times I’m sure. Don’t worry about it and have faith that your friends will still love you even if you dip out of a social event to go put in some work.  (One time I left a party to go to the gym, but I FaceTimed from the gym – it made them proud of me to go after my goals, and it made me feel more connected to their party).

6. Commit

This one is the clincher for me. Commit beyond excuse. Don’t commit but in your head you already have excuses laid out. Commit like your word is all you have. Commitment to yourself is one of the most important foundation – being able to trust your own word is very powerful. Commit to yourself and say, “yes I will do this for 90 days.” Imagine how powerful you will feel at the end of the road when you know you can do anything you put your mind to.

7. Get back on the bandwagon EVERY TIME

The reason I gave myself an 85% in my nutrition above is because already within the first two weeks, I had a weekend in Las Vegas and a birthday weekend. That means 2-3 days of eating outside my plan and a few (*ahem) more drinks than allotted.  However, I didn’t let one or two days derail my entire program, and more importantly, I didn’t let one or two isolated meals derail my day. If dinner is going to be indulgent, then breakfast and lunch better be ON POINT!

8. Don’t wait to start

Referring to #7, if I had waited for my Vegas trip and my birthday to be over before I started my program, I would have no results right now.  The way I look at it is now I’m two weeks ahead.  I’m two weeks closer to the end.  Don’t wait to start.  Don’t wait for a Monday; give yourself a day or two to prepare and get started.