8 Ways To Reinvent Yourself


Nothing in this world remains the same, from the birds in the sky to the ants on the ground. From the blossoming roses to the fallen leaves, everything grows and evolves in its own way and at its own pace. Humans are no exception to this. Growth is a crucial part of our existence, for that is how we evolve and enrich ourselves.

Feeling trapped in life where nothing seems to be moving forward can act like a catalyst to heighten the feelings of fear, sorrow, guilt and possibly the shame of not living to your full potential. However, there are some ways to reinvent yourself so that you are not dragged into the black hole of your emotional state.

1. Change Your Perspective

The position that we are in determines how we perceive things, and how we perceive things plays a huge role in how we act.

Far too often, we feel trapped, not because there is no way out but rather because we cannot see the way out. This is similar to being stuck in a maze whereby a front view of the dead ends and similar paths can be scary as we lose control of the situation and thus frantically try to find a way out, yet all that disappears when we look at the same maze but from a top view. The maze is the same, the paths haven’t changed, but a world of a difference is created just by viewing it from an alternate angle.

Similarly, at times when you feel stuck in life, do not desperately run around looking for an escape. Step away for a second and view your problems from an outside perspective. Imagine yourself standing outside your body, looking at your life, examining the good and bad. Stepping outside your shell will give you a front seat view of your life as it highlights why you are not happy, thus giving you a chance to make some changes and create the life that you want.

An effective method to achieve this can be to create a vision board. Focus on what you want for yourself and add it to your board with the confidence that nothing is beyond your reach, for as it is said: “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

2. Declutter

Knowing what to change is your starting point, but getting to work is where a lot of us struggle. When you become accustomed to a certain environment, it can often demotivate you. Hence, I believe that a fresh start on the inside begins with a fresh start on the outside.

Begin with the physical clutter around you. Get rid of whatever it is that you no longer need. Remember the difference between a need and a want, as sometimes we surround ourselves with things that we want — but only momentarily — and when we get past our desire for those items, we struggle to get rid of them, which as a result builds up and can start to weigh you down.

Minimizing what is around you will give you a larger space to collect your thoughts, whereby you can then begin emotional decluttering. A lot of what we hold on to—the pain, the guilt, the fear, etc.—is often only existent in our imagination and a direct consequence of overthinking. I personally take every negative thought and ask myself, “Is this really something worth worrying and stressing about?” Generally, the answer is no, thus I throw it out of my mind and give myself the tranquillity required. However, if the answer is yes, then instead of continuing to sulk, I find ways to change that and transform the worry into peace.

3. Change Your Routine

When a routine becomes second nature to you, you are often trapped in the same circle going on and on each day without the need to think or focus, for your body becomes trained to following a fixed ritual. Therefore, it is vital to bring change into your life, whereby you try and do at least one new thing every day, if possible. It does not have to be a dramatic change. Even something as simple as doing meditation for five minutes each morning before getting ready for the day will enlighten you far more than you expect as it sets your mind and body in the same direction by allowing you to take each day as a new page in the book and not an extension of the chaos of yesterday.

4. Be Persistent And Positive

No change occurs overnight. You cannot go to sleep thinking “I’m going to stop procrastinating tomorrow” to then wake up and get every single task done without a second of hesitation.

Reinventing yourself is a process, and we are only human. With the unpredictability of life, we are bound to face days where we struggle, but that is when we remind ourselves of the reason why we began this journey in the first place.

Changing a habit takes time and persistence. The important thing is to stay positive and not give up, for once the mind is made up, the body will follow; you just have to ensure that you stay in the correct mindset of wanting to reform and evolve as an individual.

5. Take Risks

To succeed, you must step out of your comfort zone, because that is where the true adventure begins. Often, it is our own fear and insecurities that paint a very descriptive image of every possible worst scenario that can occur whenever we attempt to bring something new or eliminate something from our life. However, this is where our persistence in reforming our habits comes into place, as we are able to prevent ourselves from being held back by our fears by our enhanced mindset that pushes us to try and see where things go, rather than jump to conclusions.

Remember, when you try, you are giving yourself the chance to grow, but when you let your worries triumph, then you are depriving yourself of these chances.

6. Surround Yourself With Good Company

The company that you keep will inevitably influence you, so it is crucial to surround yourself with people. With a desire to reinvent yourself, you require company that not only praises you for the good that you accomplish, but also makes you aware of where you are lacking and how to improve that.

Companions that help you grow to be the best version of yourself every day is what you need.

7. Do Not Rush

Impatience is the enemy of growth. To flourish, you must give yourself adequate time. Notice that fine pieces of art are never rushed, for the artist is aware of the damage that impatience can cause. A moment of impatience can result in a mistake that can disrupt days or even weeks of meticulous hard work.

In this journey, you are the artist, and your life is the art. Do not rush it, but take your time and sculpt something that you are happy with.

8. Appreciate How Far You Have Come

It is easy to criticize yourself for not being where you want to be, but it takes strength to appreciate yourself for not being where you used to be. Validation should come from within you, you must value your progress before expecting anyone else to take notice of the improvements you have made.

Our potential to grow never stops, so learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Reinvention Is A Journey.

Reinventing yourself is a journey, not a quick fix.

Life does not come with a manual. Rather, it is a series of lessons and experiences that shape us into who we are while providing us with the potential to become so much more, only if we embark on the process of reinvention and strive to become a better version of ourselves every day.