8 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling The World


1. Do your research.

The only person that is going to make you feel at ease regarding healthy travel is yourself. Look up various travel insurance packages, know where you’re going, and what types of illnesses you can contract while there.

Don’t get scared by the words Zika Virus, Malaria, or Yellow Fever. Instead, figure out how to avoid them, and talk to your doctors.

2. Stock up on EmergenC, Airborne, or whatever non-perishable Vitamin C capsule you take.

Although many countries have these products, they’re usually more expensive and it’s unwise to put yourself at risk. It’s also important to note that your body sometimes reacts differently to different products, so bringing the goods your body is used to may avoid some toilet time.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Exercise is always key. If you know how to read, you should know the benefits of exercise. Period.

4. Don’t forget your allergy meds!

Bring your allergy medications, no matter where you’re traveling to. You don’t know what living conditions you’ll be in or what the climate will truly be like until you’re there. You don’t want to be royally screwed for not bringing the magic nose-unclogging meds.

5. Know your immunizations!

For every country you visit, there should be an online list of immunizations you need to enter and/or keep yourself safe.

Set up an appointment with your doctor where you tell them your next destination. They will give you the information you need, as well as vaccinate you right then and there!

Something you should ask, or your doctor will mention, is traveler’s diarrhea medication. If you have connecting flights in different countries and need a quick bite to eat, you will be thankful you have this medicine at the beginning of your journey.

6. For worrywarts, purchase traveler’s insurance.

Before my trip to Buenos Aires, I booked Spanish classes that offered traveler’s insurance along with my lessons. Fortunately, I never had to use it. Now that I am in Brazil, I am living in the moment and hoping I don’t injure myself.

I don’t have the traveler’s insurance now, but I would highly recommend it. Since I am living a budget lifestyle, I just pray every night and try to keep myself healthy.

7. Chug bottles of water.

If you’re going anywhere, especially tropical, drink as much water as you possibly can per day. Not only does water hydrate you, but it also helps with your metabolism and fighting off sickness.

8. Protect your skin.

It’s so extremely important, especially while drying out in airplanes and burning yourself in the sun. Whether you use an intense SPF 50 or the bronzing SPF 15, make sure you’re protected in one way or another. And use coconut oil after you’ve been burnt to absorb redness and moisturize your skin!

So there you have it my friends: plan, pack and prepare yourselves for an amazing adventure!