8 Ways You Are Being Controlled Without Even Realising It


Controlling people are going to meet you at every point of your life, it is up to you to find a way out of such a situation. If you ever find yourself in a relationship, whether boss, parent or lover where any of these eight signs appear, you need to find a way out as soon as possible. Allow no one to steal your freedom from you. Especially without your knowledge.

  1. They shame you for who you are. Controlling people find a way to put you down no matter what you do. You may like eating ice cream, cue the fat jokes. You may enjoy smiling for no reason at all, cue the shallow jokes. And they don’t hold back till they see you nearly in tears. They hide it as “You can’t take a joke.”
  2. They belittle your accomplishments and dismiss them. It doesn’t matter if it was just a few times. If they find a way to take something you have achieved and make it something they can do with their eyes closed, you walk away.
  3. They find fault with every little thing you do. Whether its making them breakfast in bed, or a good deed for the day. They will always have a way for you to have done it better, ignoring the sentiment you have put behind something.
  4. They blame you for anything and everything that goes wrong. They forgot their keys? Somehow you’re to blame. They made an error? It’s never ever their fault, somehow you were the reason why everything goes wrong in their life.
  5. They are always moody or sulking for absolutely no reason at all. And you always somehow feel like it’s all your fault because their little passive aggressive behaviour gives you that impression.
  6. They threaten you with leaving or dire consequences if you do not change yourself to adapt to their behaviour in unreasonable ways. Change is a natural part of any relationship, but unprecedented change with the other party not giving in to any is unfair and definitely controlling behaviour.
  7. They cut you off from your friends and family. They find a reason for you to be away from the people that you love. Every friend is not good for you. Your relationship with you family is not healthy. You don’t need friends now that you have them.
  8. Their body language. Do you find them often giving you intimidating looks from across the table? Or always standing above you when they talk? This control tactic is so subtle that you may almost miss it. Be careful of this tactic because it could really escape you until you notice it.