8 Ways You Can Turn Your Procrastination Into Productivity


So, there’s an essay, right? Or a report, test, presentation, project… The list goes on and on…and on. Did you know that if you wrote down all of the things you and everyone else in the world are procrastinating on right this moment, the paper would circle the world over 3 million times? And then, once we’ve got it laid out all nice and neat over land and sea, our tasks will still not be accomplished! So what’s a better form of procrastination than listing all of the things we are procrastinating on right now? Next time you just “literally cannot deal” with your assignment, look to this list so you can at least get SOMETHING done.

1. Do your laundry.

That is, if laundry is not, in fact, the task you are procrastinating. If so, skip this one!

So, along with your assignment, you’ve probably got a laundry basket. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably got a full laundry basket…or perhaps even overflowing? Not the point. Either way, laundry must get cleaned. If you have been staring at a blank screen for 30 minutes, turn it off, crank up your tune of the week, and start washing. That way, at least when you have to pull that all-nighter to finish the project, you have got a styling outfit to wear to nap — I mean work — in the next day.

2. Go grocery shopping.

Who doesn’t like a freshly-stocked pantry full of great brain food when they finally start working on that project that’s due in 6 hours?

3. Write a letter.

I’m sure there is someone out there (who is also procrastinating something) who would love to hear how much you love them, how grateful you are, or how much you miss them! So why not spread some smiles with all that time spent not working?

4. Clean out your car.

No, it did not smell like that when you bought it. Yes, I am sure.

5. Give your pet a bath.

Did Rover roll in mud again? Is Fluffy a little less fluffy and a little more smelly? Maybe it’s time to get out the soap and improve their appearance. You can even post a picture on Instagram and then hashtag it #petsofinstagram.

DISCLAIMER: I am not actually recommending baths for cats. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries suffered trying to give your purrfect kitty a rinse.

6. Find all of the matches to your socks.

Because what really says “I’ve got my life together” better than matching socks?

7. Nap.

Enough said.

8. Write a semi-funny article for Thought Catalog.

And my personal procrastination method of choice. I’m currently putting off a 10-page research paper. I think this was a worthwhile investment of my remaining time until the paper is due (that’s 10 hours, by the way).