8 ‘Would You Rathers’ For Anyone Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis



Would you rather be in a mediocre job that will always pay just enough for the bills or take a big risky leap into self-employment where the returns might be 10x greater, but only after 10 years of sleepless nights wondering how you’ll pay rent?


Would you rather invest in your personal image by buying designer brands and luxury items to level with your peers, or place your money in unglamorous parcels of property that may or may not become valuable in the future?


Would you rather be wildly famous for one successful thing you did when you were in your 20s then fade to obscurity, or gain a steady momentum in your career until you retire for consistently doing above average (but not exemplary) work?


Would you rather fall in love many times and learn what you want in a partner as you course through a series of messy breakups, or be single for more than a decade with your aunts constantly barraging you until that one fateful day when you finally meet someone who matches your high standards?


Would you rather have a huge professional network that spans multiple industries, or just two mentors-turned-close-friends?


Would you rather suffer through traffic every day and come home to your family every night even if you only get to spend an hour with them, or live alone nearer your workplace but only see your loved ones for a few days every 3 months?


Would you rather invest 10 hours of self-development in something you are good at, or something you are bad at?


Would you rather fast-forward through the bad times in your life and miss small but significant moments in other aspects of your life, or live through the pain at a normal pace?