83-Page FBI Document Of Internet Slang Is Hilariously Sad


Obtained through a Freedom of Information request by a user named jasonsmathers, this extensive document has about 2,800 entries that have been identified by the FBI.

“With the advent of Twitter and other social media venues on the internet, the use of shorthand acronyms has exploded,” the document states. “This list has about 2,800 entries you should find useful in your work or for keeping up with your children and/or grandchildren.”

Some funny acronyms that people hardly — if ever — use are listed below:

  • AWHFY – Are We Having Fun Yet?
  • BAGL – Bust A Gut Laughing
  • BAM – Below Average Mentality
  • BFAM – Brother From Another Mother
  • BISLY – But I Still Love You
  • BOGSAT – Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
  • BTDTGTTAWIO – Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt And Wore It Out
  • CTS – Chuckles To Self
  • DITYID – Did I Tell You I’m Depressed?
  • DNR – Do Not Resuscitate

And well, you can view the rest of the list here.