87 Thoughts A Girl Has When She Decides To Cut Her Own Hair


1. Ohmigawd I want that hair that I saw on Pinterest.
2. My hair is so boring in comparison to that other girl’s hair.
3. Making decisions is difficult. Even when it comes to hair.
4. I want to dye it ALL OF THE COLOURS.
5. How long have I actually had this hair style for?
6. What is the point of my bangs?
7. My bangs are as long as my face, they might as well be invisible.
8. My hair is so thin.
9. Oh, the split ends.
10. Damn them.
11. When was the last time I had it cut?
12. Probably when my mum paid for it when I visited home that time before Christmas.
13. Maybe in September?
14. Who am I kidding, I can’t afford a hair cut.
15. I could do it myself?
16. Though with what happened last time…
17. It was so uneven.
18. I am kinda bored though.
19. Maybe I could just trim it.
20. Yeah, easy – I know how to do it from watching one YouTube video.
21. So easy. Why don’t I do this every time I need a hair cut?
22. I have proper hair cutting scissors, so… May as well put them to use.
23. Oh I have to cut it dry? That’s good. Saves a wash.
24. Hold the phone.
25. That A-line bob looks so lovely.
26. It’s all over Pinterest and celebrity heads.
27. AND there’s a video on Youtube.
28. Her’s looks FLAWLESS.
29. AND she cut hers herself.
30. The video is only like 12 minutes. A whole new hair cut in 12 minutes, rather than having to go into town and get an appointment that lasts like an hour.
31. That’s a fifth of the time.
32. And this way is free.
33. Fuck it.
34. Okay so. Put it in a low ponytail, the elastic above where I want to cut.
35. Fine.
36. What’s going to stop it from moving though?
37. Well it’s not moving in this video, so it must be okay.
38. Okay – first incision.
39. Oh my this is quite a wedge of hair.
40. WOAH – goodbye hair!
41. Is this what Britney felt like in 2007?
42. She was probably a lot more kick-ass than me.
43. And not such a scaredy cat.
44. Holy crap, almost at the last few hairs.
45. Shit.
46. I could sell this. There’s so much of it.
47. Wow.
48. Mum would kill me if she saw me do this.
49. Thank goodness it stayed in a wedge. Would not have been bothered to clean up ten thousand 4 inch long hairs.
50. I must take a picture.
51. And send it to people.
52. My brother thought it was a broom.
53. Ha.
54. Okay, back to the video.
55. So, now I have to neaten it up?
56. Have to take off the elastic.
57. Shit. This is the moment of truth.
58. What have I done.
59. I haven’t had my hair this short in ten years.
60. Fuck I hate the back.
61. What the hell is the back doing?
62. The front is okay. Looks pretty good messy.
63. Thank goodness.
64. Back to the video I suppose.
65. I have to neaten it up now?
66. Really? More hair has to go?
67. Fine, let’s see if I can neaten up the diagonal.
68. Hmm.
69. She makes this look a lot easier.
70. I can’t really be bothered to do anymore.
71. It’s neat enough.
72. I’m going to have to straighten this everyday.
73. Can’t be fucked with that.
74. Man, the back sucks.
75. At least I don’t have to look at the back.
76. Only other people.
77. Who will judge.
78. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now!
79. Time to take a few hundred selfies for people to see my impulsive actions.
80. Hate that picture.
81. Yuck.
82. Ugh.
83. That one is fairly okay.
84. There’s something missing though.
85. Hmm.
86. Yes. This is brilliant.
87. HELLO pink hair dye!