9 Annoying Struggles Easy-Going People Can Relate To


1. When people think you need to “learn how to stand up for yourself.”

HOL’ UP, who says you don’t??? And if this is something you DO struggle with, it’s kind of a dick move to have it constantly pointed out to you. YOU ALREADY KNOW, YOU’RE WORKING ON IT!!!

2. Being referred to as a push-over.

There is a fine line between being a pushover and knowing when to pick your battles. So maybe you aren’t jumping to make a big deal out of everything? That’s just not how you function. You’re into compromise and figuring out what works best for everyone in the situation. But just because you aren’t throwing yourself into confrontation doesn’t mean you don’t know how to voice your opinion when it matters.

3. Always ending up the mediator in fights between friends.

As the more easy-going one of your group, naturally, people tend to turn to you when emotions start running high. While this is super flattering, it can also be draining. Damn, maybe you just wanna hang out WITHOUT being the go-between.

4. Being the first one ready to go. And then waiting…and waiting.

Because you’re so go-with-the-flow, you know how to get ready for things quickly. But 9 times out of 10, you will be with other people who aren’t exactly as…efficient as you are. Which means you get to sit around and look at the clock, occasionally texting a gentle reminder: “Soooo, will you be good in 5 minutes?”

5. People always thinking you’ll be okay with anything.

Um…easy-going doesn’t mean dead.

6. Not wanting to be part of unnecessary drama, and somehow still getting dragged into it.

Once you graduated high school, you were pretty relieved. Not only because high school sucks, but you also (naively) believed all that adolescent-high-school-bullshit would be over!!!! HAHA, NOPE. You’re not interested in the latest word on the grapevine, but sometimes you still find yourself smack dab in the middle of it with no escape in sight. *a moment of silence for those listening to mind-numbing water cooler gossip and unable to leave*

7. Being labeled “the nice one”.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like much of a #struggle. And I guess it really isn’t. But there’s something limiting about it, this one-dimensional label of ALWAYS BEING NICE just because you’re easy-going 95% of the time. C’mon. Sometimes you’re gonna be rude. Or irrational. Or demanding. DON’T BOX US IN, BRO.

8. Your opinion not mattering as much.

When it comes to where people want to go for dinner, sure, you’re going to be willing to negotiate. If someone really has their heart set somewhere, you’re happy to oblige. But as a result, your opinion gets a little lost in the crowd. And that kind of sucks.

9. Being flaked on and people assuming it’s fine because you’re so chill.

Can I just say something? Being forgiving/chill/easy-going/literally anything else does NOT mean being flaked on feels okay. Being flaked on never feels okay. It happens because c’est la vie, but still doesn’t feel good.