9 Easy Ways To Have Fun At Work


For three years, I worked in a probation camp as a psychotherapist with juvenile delinquents who were serving time for anything from vandalism to attempted murder. I loved being in session with these clients, but I wasn’t a fan of my coworkers, felt isolated by the long commute, would attend tedious meetings, and had to deal with constant politics from probation officers.

Today, I see all sorts of clients as a psychotherapist, and many of them began therapy because they were unfulfilled by how they were spending most hours of their day AT WORK.

So let’s face it.

You’re probably in one of two camps: you either hate your job OR you love your job, but hate certain tasks that come with it.

Here are nine ideas for having more fun at work:

1. Take lunch outside the office

It’s important to have a change of scenery so that you can return to work feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

2. Take a walk on your breaks

Make sure you are getting up a couple times an hour to walk around, preferably with fresh air outside.

3. Connect with people

Get out of isolation at work. Find people you feel safe with and start to build relationships with them. Work can be stressful and having colleagues you feel close to can help bring light to the office space.

4. Pick a job you love

Are you really good at what you do but don’t seem to love it? Maybe it’s time to revisit what truly interests you and consider switching careers or adding a passion project on the side to your current job.

5. Pick a job you’re good at

Love what you do but find it incompatible with your strengths? Consider writing a list of what you’re good at and search for a career or passion project that allows you to utilize those skills.

6. Create a realistic to-do list

Try making a list of what you’d like to accomplish today, consider how long each task will take and make sure it can realistically be accomplished in the time slot you assign it. This will help create feelings of productivity and confidence!

7. Have clear expectations of yourself and others

Feeling let down by the people you work with? Have a conversation with your employer, employees or co-workers about what they can expect from you in your role and ask them what you can expect from them. This will allow for accountability and clarity.

8. Create a workspace you enjoy

Consider reorganizing, redecorating or cleaning your office space. This can help reorganize and free up space, not only in your physical surroundings but also in your mind.

9. Focus on what you love and delegate the rest

If you can afford to delegate the tasks you don’t enjoy, this can open you up to conquer the aspects of your work that you love.

If we are dying to get out of the office at 4:59 pm so that we can escape into our personal life, something is wrong. A feeling of flow and joy throughout our days and nights can be possible!