9 Essential Beauty Tips For The Girl Who Travels


Whenever I go on any sort of trip, you can bet money that I’ve packed everything days in advance. I can’t help it! Type A personality, I guess. I really love traveling and choosing which items I’m going to take along with me. This applies to my beloved beauty products too.

Of course, there are some insane TSA restrictions that really affect exactly which liquids and sprays I bring along. I know that these restrictions are in place to keep me safe, but it’s still pretty annoying! I rarely check a bag, so I’ve gotten pretty good at shoving my essentials in the teeny Ziploc bag they allow you to carry on.

Here are a few of my best traveling beauty tips.

1. Figure out your essentials.

What can’t you live without? Which items are absolutely necessary for you? For me, that’s foundation, brow powder, mascara lipstick and perfume. I can do without the rest if I need to. I don’t wash my hair often and like to get a blowout before a trip so I don’t need to bring along a curling iron or hair product. Those things take up precious space! A lot of beauty products are smaller than the allotted TSA guidelines, but they still don’t fit in that baggie! So decide what you absolutely NEED and what you could leave behind for a few days. Maybe you’re staying with a friend who will have these supplies. If you’re traveling long-term, you probably don’t need a blowdryer. It’s added weight.

2. Split ’em up.

I pack a small makeup bag in my (giant) purse with my “dry” essentials, like eyeshadows and the like. My toothbrush goes in here too, just in case. You never know who you’ll meet on a plane! I’m still not 100% if lipstick counts as a gel, but I always pack it in the Ziploc just to be safe. Your liquids and gels should be grouped together. Bring multitasking products like a BB cream, which contains skincare and makeup elements, to cut down on the amount of products you’re bringing along.

3. Shrink ’em down.

I love the “tiny stuff” section at Target; they sell mini versions of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and the like. You can buy those, or you can pick up one of their handy TSA-approved kits, which is what I do, and squeeze your own stuff into them. I use a special lotion for my KP so I prefer to take that with me. Sephora sells perfume decanting supplies so you can bring along a small amount of perfume and save space, rather than bringing a large bottle. Otherwise, go to Sephora or Nordstrom and ask for a few samples of your favorite fragrance. Brands like Aveda and Oribe sell small versions of their most beloved products so if you’re addicted to Air Control hairspray, you can bring it along without having to store a whole can in your luggage. Pretty handy.

4. Are you gonna be on a really long flight? Definitely pack some face wipes to freshen up before you land.

Any kind will do, though I like the “Yes to ___” line the best. Another thing to wake up your face on a long flight is a face spray like Caudalie Beauty Elixir or any hydrosol you can find at a natural foods co-op. Some people, like “Lucky” editor Eva Chen, like to do a face mask on a long flight. Definitely make sure you’ve packed some sort of moisturizer because damn, it’s dry in an airplane. Make sure you have ponytail binders along with you if you have long hair, because you never know if someone’s baby is sitting next to you and wants to start tugging on your hair. This happened to me when I had hair extensions. Drink a ton of water on your flight; you’ll pee all the time, but you won’t get dehydrated.

5. Be considerate.

When you’re flying (or perhaps you’re on a train trip! How romantic!), don’t wear a loud perfume. Perhaps your seatmate is allergic. You can wear perfume, but don’t go overboard. It’s like sitting next to someone who eats curry on a plane. Rude.

6. Checking a bag?

If you’re bringing along products like shampoo and lotion, wrap them in a towel or a plastic bag so they don’t leak all over your stuff. It happens. Do the same with any sort of loose powder. You can also store small tubes in your shoes to save space.

7. Packing a curling iron but want to use it right before you leave?

I totally understand. So does Lauren Conrad, who partnered with eco company Blue Avocado and created these hot iron cover cases. They’re super cute and you can shove your iron in them right after using it!

8. Traveling abroad? What if your makeup gets lost?

This happened to my roommate in China and she got lucky in a Chinese drugstore–you could too. There are Sephora stores everywhere, which is nice, but occasionally you’ll have to be brave like roomie Meghan and take your chances on foreign brands. (Or be really brave and go without!)

9. Check out solid options. Brands like LUSH make solid shampoos and conditioners that are just as good as their liquid siblings. I like the jasmine-scented Lady Godiva.

These are my biggest travel tips. What are yours? Share them in the comments!