9 Hacks For The Best Burger Ever (#7 Is A Must)


Constructing the perfect burger is an art form. It takes patience, finesse and a few of these helpful hacks we’ve compiled. Here are 9 burger hacks that you need to know to make the best burger ever:

1. Wet hands in cold water

The preamble to any good burger is a juicy, well-formed burger patty. Wet your hands with cold water to avoid meat sticking to your fingers while you handcraft the ultimate patty.

2. Get your grind on

Who knows what areas of cow(s) are actually in your store-ground beef patty? To ensure optimal flavor and freshness, grind your own steak with a food processor. Opt for ground chuck with a higher fat content for the juiciest burger.

3. Meat on meat

Skip the diced onions and add more meat to your meat. You will not be disappointed. Ground bacon, sausage or lamb, are all fantastic options. Just be sure to cook all pork items thoroughly.

4. Cook with mustard

For a juicy, flavorful patty, add some mustard while you grill. The Dijon-y goodness will burn off, but the application of mustard helps deepen the flavor of your meat.

5. Don’t flip out

Over-flipping your burger won’t ruin it, but you may have a drier patty on your hands. And that is a crime against humanity (obviously). Keep juices inside the burger by keeping the flipping to a minimum.

6. Toast buns on both sides

A soggy bun can interfere with your burger enjoyment. Toast both sides of your burger bun to fortify your defense against soggy buns.

7. Add bacon—duh

When in doubt, add bacon to your burger. Add ground bacon to the patty; add thick-cut slices of bacon on top; sprinkle crispy bacon bits into whatever dressing or sauce you top your burger with.

8. Fortify your bun

Stacking your burger properly is a science. The bottom bun should be coated with a layer of fat like cheese or mayo spread. For added insurance, add a large lettuce leaf on top of the spread. Adding these items to the bottom of the burger should prevent burger juices from seeping through the bun (and ruining your life).

9. Just add beer

Enjoying your burger with the right iced cold beer is crucial. Opt for a Pale Ale for the ultimate burger-beer pairing experience. Pale Ales have the perfect balance of hops and citrus notes to enhance the flavor of beef and still cleanse the palate after every bite.

Good luck with your next burger-making adventure.

Seriously, try adding some bacon!