9 Lame Behaviors That Prove You’re Dating A Total Loser


A recent study revealed some not-so-surprising results about online interactions. It turns out that men who harass women online are actual losers. In the literal definition of the word, these guys tend to lose a lot.

The study was conducted by cataloging the interactions between players on online gaming servers. Male players who were good at the game often treated everyone with respect. On the other side of the spectrum, male players who often lost were way more likely to harass female players.

This news was satisfying to hear, but also, hopefully not shocking to anyone.

Nobody respects people that act that way, and it turns out, with good reason. It’s to get official confirmation, but we all already knew these guys were losers based on their behavior.

Here are 9 other behaviors that are obviously signs a guy is a loser:

1. He sends sexually aggressive messages.

There are a bunch of guys on dating websites who will just send a girl a super aggressive message right out of the blue. You know who does this? Guys who don’t know how to talk to girls.

The thought behind doing this is, “I’ll shock her, and she’ll respond to me, and that will get a conversation going.”

First of all, it probably won’t. Second of all, if you can’t get a conversation going without threatening to stick something inside of her, then you really suck at conversations.

2. He sends unsolicited dick pics.

If someone doesn’t ask for a picture of your ding dong, then don’t ding that dong, OK?

3. He says things like, “I didn’t want to date you, anyway.”

Everyone gets rejected; it’s no big deal. If you’re the sort of guy who gets rejected and then insults the girl who just rejected you, then it’s a big deal.

It usually goes like this: guy makes a move, gets rejected, and then insults the girl saying how she’s a slut or fat, or something like that. The insults make no sense, because you just asked her out. She’s clearly not so awful; this just comes across as petty.

4. He leaves creepy comments on Facebook pictures.

This is the bottom of the bottom. I see this all the time and I’m always so confused by this.

A girl will post a picture on Facebook or Instagram or wherever, and there’s always at least one guy who makes a comment about her boobs, or other parts of her body.

I don’t mean somebody that this girl has been friends with for a long time and they’re comfortable talking this way; I mean some guy she doesn’t really know going, “Wow, look at those knockers! I want them!”

What’s the endgame here? Seriously, if you do this, how do you think she’s going to react?

5. He complains about being a “nice guy.”

I know a couple of nice guys. I mean, actually nice people. Guess what? None of them are lonely. Girls love nice guys.

Sure, just being a nice guy won’t give you the ability to sleep with whoever you want whenever you want, but it makes it a lot easier to build relationships. Anyone who complains about how girls don’t want a nice guy just don’t get that they’re actually a huge jerk.

6. He’s a men’s rights activist.

I mean, seriously?

7. He follows advice from a pick-up artist.

Did you read The Game? Do you watch shows about pick up artists and think, “Yeah, that totally makes sense!” Guess what? You’re a big old bag of losing.

Most people don’t need tricks to go out and meet people. The fact that you’d rather insult a random stranger so you appear confident shows that you have no idea what you’re doing.

8. He hits on girls on public transportation.

I live in New York City. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than watching a guy hit on a girl on the subway. It’s one thing to start a conversation with somebody; that can happen anywhere. Trying to get laid is completely different and also super obvious.

Here’s a rule of thumb: if a girl is somewhere where she can’t leave, then don’t bother her. She most likely didn’t get on the subway looking to get laid. She’s probably just trying to get somewhere.

9. He leaves more than one voicemail.

If you leave a message and the girl doesn’t respond, leaving fifteen more messages won’t get her to call back. Leaving a voicemail is already a weird thing. Nobody does that anymore.

If you call a girl and she doesn’t answer, it’s fine to leave a message, like, “Hey, it’s me. Call me back.”

I know plenty of girls, however, where some guy will leave them a bunch of unanswered messages. Not surprisingly, this wasn’t an effective way of getting her to fall in love with him.