9 Legitimate Reasons To Never Date A Writer


1. When you break their heart they will write about it.

Maybe with rage filled spite, maybe with beautiful poetical prose, but know this, they will write about it.

2. They might subtly reveal personal details of your relationship in their writing.

Whether it’s a fight you had last weekend, or a beautiful memory they will cherish for years to come, they would never explicitly reveal names of people or places, but you know what they’re writing about, and I’m sure you’re not the only one who does.

3. They are inspired by their own life, but your life as well.

If a writer’s significant other is going through some turmoil, they will most likely be inspired to write about it. Their inspiration does not fold, especially not at your expense.

4. They will write you as one of their fictional characters.

And could possibly become a best seller because of it. Will you be the villain or the hero? Guess you’ll find out when it hits the shelves.

5. They will write you as one of their non-fictional characters.

Which would be even worse. A memoir that you had no idea was being written…uh oh.

6. They can become extremely wound up in their own thoughts.

Are you comfortable with silence? Better start getting used to it because the conversation they aren’t having with you is occurring internally in their own mind. Yes, they are having a conversation with their own thoughts, and no you are not apart of it nor do you know what they could possibly be thinking.

7. They like to have their space.

When they write, they are in a zone. A zone which cannot be interrupted, disturbed, or altered. Don’t come between a writer and their space.

8. They need to be alone sometimes.

They need alone time to write down all of those internal conversations, and sometimes when they are alone their thoughts are most clearly heard or understood.

9. You most likely will never be the center of their universe.

Their characters, ideas, and inspiration might often come before you on their priority list. You just have to accept that.