9 Mistakes Most Guys Are Unaware They’re Making On Dating Apps (From A Woman’s Perspective)


Ok, guys. I know what you’re thinking, girls do things wrong too ya know, and you’re absolutely right! However, since I don’t date girls, I can’t write about what we’re doing wrong. Nowadays, your dating app profile can make a lasting impression on us ladies or it can completely turn us off, leaving you matchless and worst of all dateless. Pay attention, m’lads and try to avoid some of this stuff to see how it goes.

1. Not Posting A Clear Picture

Pixilated? No good. Too dark? No good. We want to see your faces! We want to admire your eyes and noses. We want to take a good look at your lips and figure out if we’d let you kiss us or not. We want to observe if you have a serious face or a sweet smile. None of this can happen if we can’t see a clear picture of you and contrary to popular belief, women are just as visual as men are.

2. Group Photos

Which one are you? My goodness. Are you the cute one in the red shirt? The cute bald one? The cute one with glasses? If we don’t know which one is you, left we swipe.

3. No Bio

Um, please tell me you’re more than just a pretty face. Seriously. Write something. Anything. Well, no, not just anything. Write about yourself! We all have so much to say about ourselves. Honestly, a guy with no bio just seems lazy and lazy isn’t attractive.

4. Shirtless Pics

What exactly are you trying to prove? That you have nipples? Keep your shirt on, please. Shirtless pics make you seem thirsty.

5. Pictures with hot girls

This just makes you look like a playa playa. We’re aware of the fact that you have female friends, but seeing them with their arms all wrapped around you, isn’t exactly great. Women compete with each other, so if we feel there’s competition, it’s definitely a no go.

6. Not Messaging

If we match and you don’t write us or answer us if we message you first, what’s the point?

7. Making lists as to why you should swipe left

If you like PSL, swipe left. If you’re basic, swipe left. If you don’t listen to punk rock, swipe left. If you’re not tatted, swipe left. Did you ever once stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the love of your life swiped left because she just happens to enjoy doing something on your annoying list? If you don’t like PSL, but she does, I’m pretty sure you can live with that. Don’t miss out on chances for being picky.

8. Saying you’re fluent in sarcasm

Oh! Disguising hostility as humor comes as naturally to you as language does? Niiiice.

9. Messaging one night and falling off the face of the earth the next day

Why do you do this? You have a great convo and then you go ghost. If a girl is willing to talk to you and you’re hitting it off via text, why not go out for a cup of coffee before deciding to go ghost? I get that sometimes it seems like there’s no chemistry via text and it’s perfectly fine to feel that way, but for that just unmatch.