9 Most Unforgettable Movie Kisses That Make All Women Dream Of Being Swept Off Their Feet


Even if you are not into romantic movies, or romantic scenes in movies, there are some movie kisses that you just can’t forget. These are the kisses that young girls dream about, hoping to one day be swept off their feet the same way that the women in their favorite movies are. How many of the following unforgettable movie kisses have put you in the mood for love?

1. Spider-Man

If you are looking for a famous kiss in modern movies, look no further than Spider-Man with Toby Maguire. While audiences found the kiss breathtaking, the actor found it literally breathtaking, because he was upside down and rain water kept getting into his nose. He said, “Then, when Kirsten rolled back the mask, she cut my air off completely”.

2. Twilight

Make fun of this movie all you like, but you can’t say the first kiss between Bella and Edward isn’t steamy and romantic. Actress Kristen Stewart, who played Bella, doesn’t speak much about her off-screen relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson, but she did say, “I get to kiss Edward Cullen” when she was asked what her favorite things about starring in the movie were.

3. Titanic

This epic film is almost more famous for the kiss between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet than it is for the historic aspect. DiCaprio almost turned down this role, and Winslet wasn’t originally the type of actress director James Cameron was looking for (he wanted an “Audrey Hepburn type”).

4. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Since this wasn’t meant to be a love story, author Truman Capote wasn’t exactly in love with the movie, particularly since Marilyn Monroe, his first choice to be cast for the lead role, wasn’t involved. Never the less, audiences loved Audrey Hepburn as Holly, and New York City became seen as a romantic backdrop for millions.

5. Love Story

Ali MacGraw loved working with Ryan O’Neal, saying, “first of all, he’s a great kisser”. Her only major complaint is that she says she never really understood one of the most famous lines her character had, “love means never having to say you’re sorry”. She didn’t think that it made a whole lot of sense.

6. Dirty Dancing

Still popular today, Dirty Dancing is a movie that stands the test of time. Patrick Swayze won the hearts of women all over the world, and when his character Johnny held Baby (played by Jennifer Grey), men everywhere knew that they now had a special standard to live up to.

7. Gone With The Wind

Rhett Butler said to Scarlet O’Hara, “You need kissing badly”. Well, there was nothing bad about the kiss that Scarlet receives from Brett when he proposes to her. In fact, this is probably one of the most famous kisses in movie history.

8. Lady And The Tramp

Okay, this isn’t a human romance, but it is still one of the sweetest movie ever. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the spaghetti scene? This is a true romance, the pretty rich girl falling in love with the tough boy from the wrong side of the tracks. This is a movie that is in the hearts of everyone who loves love (and dogs).

9. Sixteen Candles

Even today’s teens can relate to the story of Sam (played by Milly Ringwald) and her unrequited love for the most popular boy in school. Girls still sigh when Sam and Jake kiss on the dining room table over her birthday cake, and when he gives her back her underpants (which she gave to a geek in order to help him build a reputation as a ladies’ man).