9 ‘PG-13’ Ways You Know Sex With Him Is Going To Be Good


1. He keeps his nails trimmed.

Nobody wants to hook up with someone who has hands like those claw arcade games. Someone who keeps up with personal hygiene, and that includes keeping those nails cut down, is someone who is going to considerate to their partner.

2. He has close friendships with women.

And no, not because he wants to secretly sleep with them. A man who has friendships with both men and women is more likely to have an understanding of, well, you guessed it, women. He probably gets the inside scoop from his gal pals, and that bodes well for you.

3. He listens (ACTUALLY listens).

He recalls specific details that you told him about. He takes an active interest in learning about you and, YOU GUESSED IT, listening. A good listener is the kind of person who is interested in what you want. They want to make sure you’re having a good time and keeping communication open. In the words of Paris Hilton, that’s hot.

4. He has a sense rhythm.

The whole good dancer = good in bed myth is honestly true. But it’s not limited to his moves in the club. Maybe he raps along well to the radio, or can keep up when he’s finger drumming on the steering wheel. A guy who picks up on natural pacing and rhythm is going to be able to, uhhhhh, translate that skill in the bedroom.

5. He isn’t weirded out by periods.

Because if a man is uncomfortable with your natural monthly bleeding, he’s never actually made a woman orgasm. Guaranteed.

6. He’s confident.

Notice I said confident and not cocky. Huge difference. Insecurity is the breeding ground for bad sex. You want a man who is secure with himself and his masculinity. A confident man doesn’t have time to play games.

7. He doesn’t talk poorly about his exes.

Look, we’ve all had bad break ups. And it’s totally okay to be honest about your past. But if a guy is constantly dumping all over his exes, that’s a red flag. If he’s happy with where he is, he won’t feel the need to bring up what’s already done with.

8. He plays some sort of musical instrument.

I mean, have you seen how talented guitar players are with their fingers? I’m just saying…

9. He makes you feel safe.

This is probably the most important. Sex is an intimate thing. You’re trusting someone with you at your most vulnerable. If the person you’re with makes you feel safe and cared for, the sex will always be better. Because you’re able to relax and enjoy it, not worry about how you look or if he’s thinking about someone else. You’re able to be there together in the moment. And that’s what good sex is all about.