9 Real Reasons Why People Cheat


Have you ever been cheated on? Actually, you are probably not the first they cheated on. As statistics say, people who start cheating in college, tend to cheat in relationships and got used to the idea that there is nothing wrong with cheating. A lot of people just fear to face the commitment, some of them think they’re missing out and it becomes a reason to cheat – to keep up with others. In this article, we look at 9 reasons people cheat in their relationships.

1. The Myth of Satisfaction

If you have ever had the saying that the grass looks greener on the other side, then you know what we are talking about here. Cheaters are never satisfied with what they have, so they are always looking for something else thinking that it is better. A number of things can make a cheater feel unsatisfied. For example, most of them will give the excuse that their partner is a loser who doesn’t have goals.

2. Sweet Revenge

When you believe that you have been wronged, revenge looks like a sweet thing. When people are cheated on, they often, without thinking, cheat back. This usually ends up becoming a vicious circle, especially if the other partner cheats again because they have been cheated on in revenge and the other one also does again. At the end, this situation spirals out of control and the relationship ends up in the doldrums low.

3. Pathological Cheaters

When they started to cheat in college, they convinced themselves that they had no alternative. They would not cheat if they had a choice, they say. Then they got used to the idea and then started cheating in everything. They started to see nothing wrong with eating in a restaurant and when no one was looking they left as if they were going to the toilet and disappeared. These people are just pathologic cheaters and you should keep distance with them.

4. Fear of Commitment

Even though they may want to be committed when they start off, as they settle into the relationship they eventually start to see what commitment means and they find it difficult to keep up. Sometimes they are just scared of being hurt, just the way they were afraid of failure when they were cheating in school, so they have a side relationship just in case they are disappointed with the one they are currently in.

5. They Are Thrill Seekers

If you have ever been in a relationship with a thrill seeker then you know what we mean here. Some people love the whole feeling of meeting new people and the possible adventure that this could come with. These type of people see falling in love with someone as a conquest. So, no matter how satisfying their current relationship is, they will still cheat.

6. Withholding Emotions

An intimate relationship is founded on a shared bond. However, a shared bond happens only when both partners are willing to offer their emotional intimacy to the relationship. Without this bond, you and your partner will just be strangers who have known each other for many years.

7. The Fear of Missing Out

A relationship where cheating is the order of the day is like a war, those who are inside want to leave and those who are outside want to come in as they believe they’re missing out. Sometimes your partner sees all these cool things that single people get to do with different people and they start to miss the days when they were single.

8. Attention Seeking

Ask any cheater for reasons why they’ve been cheating and you are likely to hear them blame it on the fact that the other partner has not been giving them enough attention. Sometimes it’s true, the partner works too much or they would rather be with their friends and at times it’s just an excuse.

9. Stagnant Relationships

The reality of any relationship is that there are times when one of the people in it will feel bored because the relationship is getting stagnant. The partner starts to feel that there is no excitement and they start to look for that excitement elsewhere.