9 Reasons Dating A Vegan Is Awesome


Animal-free lifestyle alternatives are by no means breaking news. You probably already, or have a vague idea anyway, that heartthrobs like Natalie Portman and Woody Harrelson, politicians like Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and even Vegas power figures like Steve Wynn are all dedicated to a vegan lifestyle. You may even have opted for a vegan challenge yourself, or have a vegan in your close circle! The question is, have you ever dated a vegan?

Because I am currently lucky enough to be doing so, and I can tell you, that it is awesome. From my heteronormative perspective, which may or may not be limiting to you, here is a shortlist of awesome I’ve noticed since I’ve been seeing this delightful man.

1. He’s memorized all restaurants and bars that offer vegan menus, and he’s more than happy to treat you to all of them. Vegan pizzas, vegan Mexican, vegan milkshake and burger specials, all of it!

2. Speaking of vegan treats, he’s got those spots memorized too. His sweet tooth gives your PMS week a run for its money, and he’s down for a milkshake even after pigging out on eight-layer nachos and breakfast burritos.

3. He smells good. There’s something about an animal-free lifestyle that leaves a clean, fresh scent and since taste is 80% smell well, yes. His taste is yummy too.

4. Bamboo sheets. If you thought Egyptian cotton was heavenly, you need to fall onto a king-sized bed made up with 100% organic bamboo sheets that are so silky smooth and delicious you almost don’t need your cuddly vegan boyfriend.

5. All of his bathroom products are natural, so you rest worry-free of smelling like Axe or some other ghastly masculine scent on nights you decide to sleepover. From Tom’s deodorant (neutral scent), to Dr. Brohnner’s body wash, to Nature’s Life hair conditioner with tea tree oil, all of your hygienic needs are sealed. He even has a giant tub of lotion resting on his bathroom counter.

6. Coconut oil, cotton balls, and Q-tips. I’ve been meaning to ask him for what purpose he stocks his bathroom with cotton balls, but I’m definitely not complaining. I can remove my makeup with the coconut oil and cotton balls, and fine tune it the next day with the Q-tips? Score!

7. The triangle. He recycles (no small feat for apartment-dwellers in the Las Vegas valley) and he (gently!) encourages you to do the same.

8. It’s a perfect opportunity to try the vegan thing, too! I personally have been a vegetarian since I was 16, and for my first six months, I was strictly vegan. Over the years, however, with college and my expat escapades in Europe, I fell off the bandwagon and went back to an “everything eater”. Spending time with my sweet vegan has returned me to my roots, and it feels damn good.

9. He’s silly, and an animal lover. Perhaps the most obvious of the reasons, he picks you up with his puppy smiling at you from the backseat. He’s the most fun-loving of dog and cat peoples! A sweetheart to T, he is one hell of a catch.