9 Reasons Dog Lovers Make The Absolute BEST Girlfriends


1. They’re low maintenance.

Considering most of their clothing gets covered in dog fur, they’re not the most materialistic bunch. They’d much rather spend money on an experience the two of you can share than something meant purely for aesthetics. They’ve probably been rocking the same pair of slightly dirty tennis shoes for close to a decade now.

2. They’re always down for an impromptu adventure.

Hiking? Down. A random road trip where you stop at every quirky roadside attraction? SO DOWN. Their go-with-the-flow attitude means they’re (almost) always into your spontaneous ideas.

3. They know the meaning of loyalty.

If a dog lover falls in love with you, they will be IN it with you. All the way, no questions asked, committed. They don’t play games or try to maintain the upper hand. They just want to be there for you, period.

4. They’ve got a killer sense of humor.

Dog people are the ones who are instantly ready to make a joke at their own expense. They’re usually goofballs, and know how important it is to strike a balance between seriousness and silliness. If you date a dog lover, you’re signing up to have a partner who will make you laugh your head off.

5. They make the best cuddlers.

Whether it’s big spoon or little, they are the most comfortable people to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night. When you’re with a dog lover, you’ll always feel loved and get the perfect reassuring amount of affection.

6. They will defend you to Hell and back.

When you date a dog lover, just know you have a number one supporter who will ALWAYS have your back. They are fiercely protective and might even go a little Chihuahua (aka let someone verbally HAVE IT) if someone hurts you. No one will mess with you, not on their watch. That’s for damn sure.

7. They won’t freak out over the small stuff.

They’ve seen it all – dog poop on their bed, their favorite jacket chewed to bits, etc. It’s not that they aren’t capable of being frustrated because, duh, they are. But they don’t get upset over every little thing. They know life can get a little messy sometimes. And the best thing to do is simply clean it up and keep going.

8. They’re trustworthy.

My mom once said, “Never trust someone who doesn’t like dogs.” And it’s one of the most accurate statements I’ve ever heard. So a girl who loves them? Oh, she’s someone you can count on.

9. They wholeheartedly appreciate you.

One of the most heartbreaking and unfair aspects of life has to be the disparity between how long humans live vs. their canine companions. But because of this, dog lovers know to appreciate every moment they’re given with their precious pooches. And this kind of mentality translates into their romantic relationships as well.